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Open University Business School (OUBS)

The concept of toxic femininity could allow us to better understand the impact of gender roles on leadership. But how much can it really help us change workplace dynamics?

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With coronavirus forcing thousands of MBA and master’s students to study online, we highlight 10 of the best business schools for online learning

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The CIMA qualification is tailored to match employers’ ever-changing needs

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Finance faces unprecedented disruption, spurred by technology

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The OU Business School is the largest provider of MBAs in the UK, producing more graduates than all the rest of the business schools in the UK put together

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  • Course Length: 24
  • Average Gmat: 640
  • Course Fee: GBP 14,000 - 19,000
  • Application Deadline: Call
  • Accredited: AACSBAMBAEQUIS
  • Businessweek Ranking: 0