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MBA Scholarships for Indian Students

Warwick Business School is strengthening its ties with India by creating special scholarships for Indian students on its MBA and taught Masters degrees!

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Mon Mar 25 2013

Warwick Business School is strengthening its ties with India by fostering student exchange programmes and creating MBA scholarships for Indian students.

India’s economy is one of the largest in the world. It has the tenth-largest GDP and is the third largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP). Thanks to its size and population, it's also one of the largest importers and exporters in the world.

The massive scale of opportunities it presents is attractive to investors and business schools like Warwick recognize the need to give students the chance to understand the business culture through knowledge exchange with peers.

Warwick Business School MBA students recently returned from a six-day exchange visit to the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) where the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick Professor Nigel Thrift made the announcement that there would be special scholarships for Indian students who want to study on any of the school's taught masters programmes.

The visit to IIM-A is one of the international travel opportunities open to students on the Warwick MBA. IIM-A is a prestigious business school with around 800 full time students and 1500 executives enrolled in courses every year, and around 20,000 alumni across the globe.

Professor Thrift announced that the university has put together 16 scholarships for Indian students, including three at Warwick Business School. These scholarships are in addition to the £700,000 already pledged on the Chancellor’s Scholarships for postgraduate students.

One of the scholarships will be a full-tuition scholarship for the Warwick MBA programme, and two will be full-tuition scholarships for one of WBS’s specialist Masters programmes.

Furthermore, the International Office will also dedicate a scholarship to an Indian student, consisting of a tuition fee waiver, for any taught Masters programme at the university.

The six-day exchange trip to India that Warwick MBA students participated in was a chance to discover the specific business needs of India and build invaluable business contacts.

The visiting cohort of 30 represented 11 countries from all corners of the world, including Australia, Switzerland, USA, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Austria, South Africa, Norway, and Nepal.

Students attended lectures and seminars on setting up a business in India, the Indian supply chain and financial system and how to market and understand the Indian consumer. They also found out the crucial cultural differences in managing and developing Indian workers.

The MBAs visited companies in Ahmedabad, including Tata’s Nano factory, where the cheapest car in the world is built, a textile firm, fabric dealer Arvind Mills and GVK EMRI - a research centre for emergency services management.

One particular student even managed to squeeze in a meeting for his own private business venture!

Frenchman Toni Saraiva, a project manager for EISC Ltd said that one of the most interesting aspects of the trip was being on campus with Indian MBAs and networking with them.

"These informal encounters at dinner and around the campus helped build bridges to India that are priceless. I was also able to have a couple of hours to organise my own company visits, one to a local company which I could develop some business with, possibly taking on some of the products for the European market", said Toni.

"The visits gave us contrasting views from different industries that fitted in with the contrasting country India is; from high-level, high-tech organisations such as the emergency management services to a labour intensive sector such as textile", said Toni.

"The emergency services company was especially impressive and companies in Europe could probably learn from the systems put in place there.

“It is a very busy, intensive week but I would recommend anybody doing the Warwick MBA to take part in one of the internationally delivered electives. Being immersed for a week in a different working environment and culture, with different approaches to education is very useful to keep future managers sensitive to the global economy and its slight differences.”

IIM-A students also spent the week at Warwick's campus learning about the UK business environment.

Warwick Business School accepts applications on a rolling basis but you should ideally apply early especially if you want a chance at one of these scholarships.

You can learn more the scholarships here.


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