Discussing MBA Program Options Available

One Year? Two Years? Part-Time? What should you choose for your MBA?

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When applying to business school, it is very important to know the different types of MBA programs available. Depending on where you are in your career, you may not be interested in pursuing a full-time 2 year MBA program. The below are alternatives that you may be interested in. 

One-Year MBA Programs—A number of great options exist for those who are only interested in attending business school for one year. Although these business school programs are hastened versions of the typical two-year MBA program, candidates are expected to leave with the same knowledge and network. These MBA programs are typically best for candidates who would like to return to their careers sooner rather than later.

  • A one-year business school program that runs 12 months, beginning in the summer, does not leave enough time for a summer internship. Such MBA programs generally require that applicants have completed undergraduate or graduate business courses in order to apply. These programs were created for those who already have a solid career and are not seeking significant changes to their work. 
  • There are additionally programs that can last for around 16 months. Such programs were created for students who are returning to their prior job or a family business, or who are planning to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and therefore do not require a summer internship. 
  • You can also find an MBA program that offers only one-year programs, or, for example a 10 month accelerated program, which may allow for a shorter internship.

Executive MBA Program (EMBA)—This program was created for a seasoned professional, who is already somewhat advanced in their work. A number of interesting programs target this population. 

  • Some business schools have partnered together to offer MBA programs such as bi-coastal  MBA experiences for executives. Students in such MBA programs typically are older and more experienced than those in a regular full-time program.

Part-Time or FEMBA (Fully Employed MBA)—This MBA program was created for the individual who wants to earn an MBA but cannot take time away from work. The part-time programs will enable you to balance school on a part-time basis with your full-time job. You graduate with the same degree and education, although frequently it takes a bit longer to get through the curriculum. 

  • Many business schools provide weekend and evening classes and use the Internet to deliver class information efficiently. These MBA programs take longer to complete; normally two or three years.


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