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MBA Application: 10 Lesser-Known Business Schools You Should Consider

Prospective MBAs are no longer looking only to top-ranked schools in the US

By  Ethan Dunwill

Wed Nov 16 2016

When people talk of business schools, they tend to talk about top-ranked institutions in the US. But other international business schools are emerging and competing with the big boys.

Here are 10 lesser-known but outstanding business schools that MBA and master’s applicants should consider:

1. Mannheim Business School, Germany

This school is ranked number one in Germany for its MBA program, and no wonder. It offers a premier program, including coursework taught by some of the most renowned names in international business. Students from more than 20 countries attend and are focused on one of five international business specializations with partner universities throughout Europe. Students should be prepared for a three-month team project, undertaken during the final portion of the 12-month program.

2. University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA

The big draws for this business school are its flexibility and its partnership with Shue Yan University in Hong Kong. The partnership with Shue Yan means that students can choose to attend that amazing school, get the same coursework and have the real-world experience of a truly international economic environment. Applicants considering a career with corporations that have an international presence should take a long hard look at this school.

3. Indian Institute of Management, India


This is the top business school in India, and it’s rapidly gaining an international reputation. The percentage of international students is on the low side (10%), but that’s changing as India continues to grow as an international hub for business. A plus of this program is the collaboration between the school and the business sectors of India.

4. Beijing International MBA at Peking University, China


This school is great for students who are specifically interested in Chinese business, commerce, and markets, as well as the globalization of Chinese industry and international business practices in general. The courses are taught in English, and the current student body is 36% international.

5. The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Australia


A great draw for this school is its small class size – the smallest of all B-schools in Asia and the Pacific. About 65% of the student body is international, and 33% is female. It’s located in Sydney, a really student-friendly campus. The MBA program offers several specialty areas, and international business is a strong component of the program.

6. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan

asia pacific

This is Japan’s very first truly international university, founded in 2000. It has an AACSB-accredited MBA program and prides itself on its diverse student population. Classes are taught in English and there are great opportunities for internships, because of the partnerships between the program and Japanese businesses. The school is located on Kyushu island; a great place to live while getting that master’s.

7. IESEG School of Management, France


This school’s MBA is rated one of the top 10 in France. The program is intense and 12 months in length, providing a solid balance between theory and practical application. 80% of the school’s teaching faculty is international, coming from more than 50 countries. Its student population is 25% international, representing 70 nationalities.

8. Nanyang Business School, Singapore


86% of Nanyang’s students are international. Its focus is clearly on international business organizational and management functions. Students who want a global perspective and who intend to pursue careers in international business would do well to take a look at Nanyang.

9. UCLA Anderson School of Management, USA


The atmosphere at UCLA Anderson is collaborative. Silicon Valley is a big draw, partnerships with businesses are strong and numerous, and there is a widely diverse student population, including many nationalities. The program is rigorous, and students must be highly-motivated to study if they intend to be successful.

10. Adolfo Ibanez School of Management, Chile


This school holds triple accreditation; AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. A one-year MBA is offered, comprised of four, eight-week modules. A longer, 15-month program includes study in three other countries: China, Spain and the US. This program is delivered in collaboration with the ESADE Business School in Spain.