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MBA Application: The 10 Best Business Schools For Women

Where do the most women go to study their MBAs?

Tue Mar 7 2017

Historically, top-ranked MBA programs have been heavily populated by men. While business schools have made big efforts to boost gender diversity in recent years, the problem persists.

According to GMAC’s latest applicant trends report, the percentage of female applicants to traditional, two-year, full-time MBA programs fell from 40% to 37% last year. The percentage of female, one-year MBA applicants stayed stagnant at 36%.

At the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, only 14% of full-time MBA students are women, according to data from the Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking 2017. But even in the US and Europe, some schools are downright male-dominated.

At the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, just 18% of full-time MBA students are women. At the University of Iowa: Tippie, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and at IMD in Switzerland, only 19% of MBA students are women.

Some schools are doing their bit for women in business. In the US, the UK, and China in particular, business schools are putting women (as well as men!) into higher level, higher wage jobs after graduation.

Here’s the 10 best business schools for women in 2017:

1. Fox School of Business at Temple University, USA

55% of MBA students are women; 100% of MBAs are employed within three months of graduation; 103% average salary uplift


2. University of South Carolina: Moore, USA

52% women; 76% MBAs employed; 115% salary uplift

moore c

3. University of Edinburgh Business School, UK

49% women; 81% MBAs employed, 67% salary uplift


4. Lancaster University Management School, UK

47% women, 86% MBAs employed, 101% salary uplift


5. Vlerick Business School, Belgium

45% women, 62% MBAs employed, 72% salary uplift


6. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), China

45% women, 93% MBAs employed, 155% salary uplift


7. University College Dublin: Smurfit, Ireland

44% women, 88% employed, 71% salary uplift

smurfit - dublin

8. Dartmouth College: Tuck, USA

44% women, 96% employed, 105% salary uplift


9. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, USA

44% women, 95% employed, 92% salary uplift


10. Harvard Business School, USA

43% women, 91% employed, 97% salary uplift


All data is based on the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017 unless stated otherwise.