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How To Get A Great MBA Letter of Recommendation—4 Tips From Our Experts

Find out how to get the MBA recommendation letter to seal your application

Mon Jun 17 2019

Recommendation letters are an essential part of a strong MBA application. They can tip the scales in your favor or sink an application.

You should take an active role in briefing your recommenders and, if necessary, in explaining what is expected from them. You should also make sure that they have all the information they need to show your strengths in the best light.

Here’s four tips to getting a great MBA letter of recommendation:

This article includes insights from Sameer Kamat at MBA Crystal Ball, Stacy Blackman from Stacy Blackman Consulting, and Linda Abraham from Accepted.

1. Brief your recommender and keep some time for discussions

While you should never over-coach recommenders or write your own reference letters, you do need to take a proactive approach.

Stacy Blackman from Stacy Blackman Consulting recommends that you sit down with each recommender to let them know that a stellar reference letter is integral to your MBA admit chances.

You should  highlight the key attributes that the recommender should try to address. Think about the characteristics you’d like them to highlight and ensure they know that they should include concrete examples that illustrate each one.

The recommender may not remember every detail...

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