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The Perfect Stanford Essay

Heading to Stanford this fall after smashing her admission essay “What matters to you most and why”, blogger Palo Alto For A While reveals how to deliver the perfect Stanford essay.

By  Sunny Li

Sun Sep 13 2009

  1. Start early. You should start with the essays for your last choice school first, progressing to your top choice last, giving the big one some serious thought throughout.
  2. Trust your instincts on the subject matter. Lots of subjects work, so don't worry about being unoriginal or your subject being too “out there”.
  3. Don't ignore the Why portion of the question: that's really the meat. Most subjects can work. But they can't work if you don't explain what your subject personally means to you.
  4. Show your essay to other people. Get over your propensity for essay privacy, because other people's input is invaluable.