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Which Questions Should You Avoid Asking In An MBA Interview?

In an MBA interview, your questions matter just as much as your answers. Meredith Shields of Vantage Point describes 6 common Q&A mistakes, and what to ask instead

Wed Oct 28 2020


4. “Where else did you apply?”

Though it’s good to engage your interviewer on a personal level, this question can send the wrong signal. To many people, a question like this may be subtly asking “are there better options out there?” or “was this school your first choice?”. These are great questions for your alumni friends and family, but again, could put a damper on your interview.

Focus on the positive – how awesome the program is and how much you want to go there. A question like “What stands out as the most impactful experience you had in b-school?” would fit the bill. If your interviewer gets the sense that you’re not interested, all of your awesome answers from the previous 30 minutes are out the window.

5. “Is an MBA worth it?”

If you are asking this in the interview, you are demonstrating a complete lack of having prepared for this process. This question should have been vetted well in advance of being invited to interview.

It’s better to ask questions about how the MBA has helped your interviewer at this stage – this is fun for them to discuss! You can also ask for the top thing they feel like they got out of their MBA.

6. “What percent male/female was last year’s class?”

Any question like this is a no-no, because the data is available in less than three clicks on Google. Never ask a question that is directly answered in the school’s publications – website or otherwise. You can pull down the recruiting report as well as the class profiles and course offerings yourself- if you haven’t done this, they will wonder if you really put thought into your research. Avoid asking hard facts because they are probably already out there somewhere!

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