MBA Applicant Voice: African Engineer Eyes Top-Ranked B-Schools For Consulting Career Switch

Olajide Adekunle plans to apply to INSEAD, Harvard, Stanford, and MIT Sloan

Olajide Adekunle plans to apply to a range of top-ranked global business schools for his MBA, including INSEAD, Harvard, Stanford, and MIT Sloan.

Olajide is passionate about the people and resources available in his native Nigeria, and hopes to learn the business skills necessary to make an impact. After a decade in engineering, he’s looking change career track into consulting, and eventually, entrepreneurship.

While banks are often reluctant to lend internationally, Prodigy Finance provides aspiring MBA students from emerging economies with the funds they need to study abroad. Olajide plans to fund his MBA with a combination of savings, loans, and financial aid.

For his business school admission test, he’s choosing to do the GMAT over the GRE.

Why have you decided to pursue an MBA?

My engineering background has given me analytical and technical skills. Over the past two years however, I have had the chance to work in a mix of engineering and business.

This has helped me learn the benefits of networking and building relationships to negotiate towards a goal. And I have come to realize that those who make the business decisions that positively impact lives are the business owners and managers.

Therefore, I want to obtain an MBA to build a valuable global network and better understand how business works, in terms of operations, strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Which business schools are you thinking of applying to?

I have several targets across North America and Europe. They include: Harvard, MIT Sloan, Stanford, McCombs, INSEAD and University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Are you taking the GMAT or the GRE?

I would only take the GRE if the schools required it. If not, I will stick with the GMAT. Many Nigerian employers use the GMAT as part of the recruitment process, so I am more familiar with this exam.

What are your future career plans?

I plan to transition into a consulting role to gain in-depth knowledge of various business sectors. Long-term, I want to fully focus on entrepreneurial ventures. Building businesses from scratch to become world known names. This way I can contribute to the Nigerian economy and leave a positive imprint across a diverse spectrum of business.

How will the MBA help you achieve your ambitions?

An MBA would give me education and practice in the business-related roles I would face in the consulting world. It would also bolster my resume, ensuring I’m better positioned to be employed and helping me develop an international network.

What advice do you have for others considering an MBA?

Don’t let the fear of high tuition fees hold you back. It’s important to keep a positive attitude – if you work hard you can achieve it. An MBA could be the catalyst to launch your career.

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