MBA Applicant Voice: UK Candidate Eyes MBA At INSEAD And London Business School

Pranav Gupta is targeting an MBA at a top European b-school. He recommends applicants take the GMAT or GRE early, and focus on the essays

Pranav Gupta has lived and worked in the UK for nearly a decade and now that he’s decided to pursue an MBA, he has set his sights on two of the top schools in Europe: London Business School (LBS) and INSEAD.

Pranav currently works at Tata Motors European Technical Center, exploring disruptive technologies like driverless cars for developing nations.

Now, he feels the time is right for him to study an MBA to help him make a real impact, drive change, and challenge traditional business paradigms.

Pranav is planning to use a mix of savings and family support to help fund his degree. Like many potential MBA students, he’ll be hoping to secure a scholarship to help ease business school’s financial burden.

Pranav recommends taking the GMAT or GRE early, and focusing on your essays and recommendations.

Why do you want to begin an MBA now?

I want to be a visionary at the forefront of business transformation and an MBA will enable me to strengthen my foundations. I am at a crossroad where the current trajectory would focus on a narrow scope. I want to solve problems across a breadth of industries, so I feel now is the right time to begin the transition.

Are you taking the GMAT or the GRE?

I have taken the GMAT as I felt it is more widely accepted among business schools around the world than GRE.

What are your future career plans?

I want to develop tailored solutions for disruptors across industries and geographies. Thus, in the short term I plan to move into management consulting at a top tier major firm.

Eventually, I want to be involved in solving challenges in developing nations through technology and blue ocean strategies and through innovative business models. 

How will the MBA help you achieve this?

An MBA provides an unparalleled platform for accelerated and structured development for a career in management consulting—from hands-on exposure through the various clubs to industry insights through mentors, networking events and interaction with alumni networks. This will give me the knowledge and experiences I need to succeed in these areas.

Also, during my MBA I want to integrate into one of the most diverse classrooms in the world and take part in real world applicable modules. This mix of diversity and real world experience will prepare me for my desired career.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an MBA?

Get to know your target schools very well. You should visit the school if you can, attend webinars and attend MBA events. This will give you in-depth knowledge of the institutions you are interested in. 

Reach out to students and b-school staff who will be happy to give you feedback on your candidacy. This way you can see what the student environment is like at the schools you are targeting.

Finally, take the GMAT as early as possible so you can focus on essays and recommendations. These are a big part of the application process and so you want to make sure you have time to present yourself as clearly and truthfully as possible.



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