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Top Five Countries For MBA Demand

Which region is the best place to begin an MBA and why? We reveal all with data from QSTopMBA.com Salary & JobsTrends Reports 2013/2014.

Where should you earn your MBA? We explore the best countries for b-schools in this handy infographic, created from the Job & Salary Trends Report 2013/2014 carried out by QSTopMBA.com.

China, an increasingly popular destination for Western MBAs, experienced the highest growth of demand for its MBA programs. Top business schools in the region, including China Europe International Business School and the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, expected a 35 per cent increase in MBA applicants last year, according to a QS Top MBA report.
India was a close second with a 29 per cent expected increase in MBA applicants.
Surprisingly, the United States was predicted to achieve only a 2 per cent rise in 2013 applications, despite boasting a majority of the world's top MBA Ranking b-schools.
Reasons for growth in Asia cited in the survey include high-ranking programs, an array of international student scholarships on offer and high economic growth. The Asian economies have typically expanded 10 per cent annually for a number of years.
This survey follows a report by BusinessBecause detailing the growing trend of MBAs looking to Asia for careers. Many students and b-schools claim that an MBA in Asia will boost your career prospects.


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