FT Rankings Reveal Eastern Promise And Growing Global Salaries

First rankings of the year reveal a few shocks but plenty of good news

The Financial Times' Global MBA Rankings 2011 today announces rising salaries for almost everyone and great news for many Asian schools.

Jostling for the top ten places was minimal, with the top three (LBS, Wharton and HBS) remaining static. However, Hong Kong UST Business School maintained its impressive rise by jumping from 9 to 6; the school was ranked 47 back in only 2006. Its graduates also saw average pay jump by $15,000 from last year.

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad was the most impressive newcomer, jumping straight in at 11. The school also ranks second for graduate salaries. In first place for salaries, Stanford graduates are no doubt welcoming their astonishing 10% pay rise this year from $164,000 to $183,000…

Average salaries rose across the globe, with grads from most US schools earning an extra $5,000 and many UK grads earning an extra $10,000. However, some (including the University of Virginia) did see a very small drop.

There were no major upsets, however. Let's hope things continue to grow in the coming year! You can look forward to The Economist's rankings in late September and BusinessWeek's in November.

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