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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) will be Established

The establishment of a CUHK Shenzhen campus will nurture talents who are international in outlook

Wed Jul 6 2011

With the staunch support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) signed a Collaboration Agreement in Shenzhen with Shenzhen University to establish The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), marking an important milestone in the University's venture to offer education in Shenzhen. The plan represents a historical step in CUHK's development in mainland China, and promises to have a profound impact on the training of top talents and on technology innovation in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta (PRD), the long-term prosperity of Hong Kong, as well as educational reform in China.

Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng, Chairman of the University Council, remarked at the signing ceremony, ‘The establishment of a CUHK Shenzhen campus will nurture talents who are international in outlook, learned in their subjects, moral in character, and innovative in thinking, and aims at exploring a new direction for the higher education reform in China. It capitalizes on the strengths of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province through collaboration in the areas of education, technology and culture to promote long-term integrated development of the PRD region. CUHK (SZ) will inherit the academic excellence of CUHK to become a preferred research university located in Shenzhen, firmly rooted in China, and endowed with a global vision.'

CUHK will be responsible for daily management, teaching and research, and faculty recruitment, making reference to the educational and operational principles of its Shatin campus, and ensuring that the quality is on a par with that in Hong Kong; Shenzhen University will be responsible for liaising with Shenzhen Municipal Government in relation to matters concerning the campus site and infrastructure.

The campus of CUHK (SZ) will be located to the south of Dayun Park in Longgang District, and will have an area of around 1 million square metres (100 hectares), within which half is buildable area. CUHK (SZ) will be constructed in two phases, with an ultimate student population of around 11,000.

Instruction will be bilingual (Chinese and English), and emphasis will be placed on innovative and inter-disciplinary subjects. In the early stage, CUHK (SZ) will first launch programmes in science, engineering, economics and management, in particular including subjects such as financial services, business administration and economics.

Throughout the deliberations on establishing CUHK (SZ), CUHK has adhered to the following principles: CUHK (SZ) must ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is on a par with that at CUHK; the Shenzhen campus must enjoy academic freedom; and the set-up and operation of the Shenzhen campus must be financed independently, with no cross-subsidy from the Shatin campus.