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Manchester Business School Launches Country-Specific Courses

New “Doing Business In” courses will focus on China, Brazil and other emerging markets, and are on offer in the Global MBA

By  Stephen Bush

Fri Aug 12 2011

Today’s MBAs might be as likely to do business in Sao Paulo as in New York, and Manchester Business School has launched a series of country-focused courses to help its students do just that.

The School has introduced a range of new courses to its part-time Global MBA programme. The “Doing Business In” courses will focus on the challenges of doing business in a specific country, by enabling a better understanding of the driving forces and challenges facing its economy.

The first to go live are the “Doing Business in China” and “Doing Business in Brazil” courses, although there are plans foot to introduce courses for different markets, in order to further the aims of Manchester Business School students, utilizing the School’s extensive global alumni networks.

“Globalization and the global economic crisis have forced business leaders to rethink the way they do business,” Manchester Business School Chief Global Officer and the CEO of the Global MBA course Nigel Banister told BusinessBecause.

For businesses to succeed in an evolving marketplace, they need more than just business knowhow and academic experience. “To succeed in this new environment,” Banister explained, “[you need] people who have practical experience, wide business and cultural understanding and the ability to work on a global scale.”

The course’s creation followed in-depth research by Manchester Business School, which involved engaging with national and international organizations. With mature market, such as the US and Europe stagnating and the continued growth of emerging markets, industries will need an entirely new approach to doing business.

“MBA students will always have their core courses in business leadership, management and economics,” Banister says, but from now on, they will also need the new skills that the “Doing Business In” courses will provide.

MBS are currently recruiting senior executives for the January 2012 intake. The part-time Manchester Global MBA can be studied all over the world and classes are available in Manchester, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Miami and Sao Paulo.