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10 Of The Best US Business Schools For International Students

International students make up 5% of the 20 million college students in the US

As part of a large-scale trend within academia, US business schools have increasingly begun to prioritize diversity. Diversity, of course, can take many forms; many schools have sought to assemble miniature United Nations from incoming classes.

There are many factors that have inspired MBA programs to go out of their way to cultivate international classrooms, if only because they more accurately reflect the experiences MBA students will have once they enter their chosen field. By and large, international students currently make up 5% of the 20 million college students in the US, according to the Washington Post, and account for more than $35 billion in revenue within higher education.

Percentage of International Students at Top-Tier Schools

The student bodies at top-tier business schools feature significant percentages of international candidates: 32% at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, 35% at Harvard Business School and as high as 40% at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, according to usnews.com. In some mid-tier programs, that percentage surpasses 50%.

For international students to make the right choice requires they look beyond rankings or percentage of international recruits. For instance, does the school’s reputation carry worldwide? Does it have a global scope? Will the program serve cross-cultural needs and provide support with the logistical challenges of studying abroad?

Perhaps most importantly, will the program foster connections with multinational organizations after graduation? Does the pay compare or...

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