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Coronavirus: GRE Test Now Available Online

You can now take the GRE at home, as ETS offers an online GRE test in response to the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a profound impact on graduate management education, closing business schools and test centers around the world.

In response, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), owner and administrator of the GRE, has announced an at-home testing solution for students in locations affected by coronavirus.

The test is currently available for candidates based in the United States, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, and Macau. Test-takers must have computer equipment that meets the requirement for the test, and a room that provides an acceptable environment for the test. 

The test will be monitored using live remote invigilators by ProctorU, a leading invigilator provider for online test taking. 

Online GRE Test

ETS have released a step-by-step guide covering how to ensure you meet the requirements for the online version of the test. Starting with adequate computer equipment and room, students register and pay as normal, and then complete their registration with ProctorU. 

There are then guidelines on what to expect from the test experience, before students take the test and then receive their scores afterwards. There are then guidelines on what to do if you need to retake the exam. 

The online GRE admissions test is identical in content, format, on-screen experience, and scoring as the in-person test. The test is invigilated from start to finish online.

Students can begin taking the test at home from Friday, March 27th 2020. ETS are continuing to assess the impact of the pandemic on test centers worldwide and are attempting to introduce the online solution to additional locations impacted by coronavirus.

ETS’s response comes as Coronavirus closed test centers around the world and suspended GRE testing in affected locations. The decision came out of concern for the health and safety of students and staff and was made in collaboration with governments and test centers.

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The GRE is an alternative to the GMAT. While the GMAT is a more specifically tailored exam for business schools, the GRE can be used in applications for a variety of graduate programs. 

GMAT testing has also been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re taking the GMAT exam, you can also follow our live updates on GMAT testing.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the creators and administrators of the GMAT exam, have also responded to the coronavirus pandemic, and are working on an interim, online version of the GMAT to deal with the crisis, set to launch by mid-April 2020.

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