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Executive Assessment Vs GMAT Vs GRE: Which Test Is Best For Your EMBA Application?

Find out which admissions test you should take when applying for an Executive MBA


Wed Jun 12 2019

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are for more experienced professionals looking to earn an MBA without taking significant time off from work.

Many EMBA programs require admission test results, but there are some top programs that do not.

The EMBA program at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, for example, only requires the traditional MBA resume, application, and letters of recommendation.

For those that do, prospective EMBA students have a choice of three tests—the GMAT, the GRE, and the Executive Assessment (EA). 

Here, we explore which test you should take by evaluating each of these three exams, and we walk through a process you can use to determine which is best for you.

How does the EA compare to the GMAT?


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Let’s first note that the Executive Assessment exam is very new. It was developed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the same organization that administers the GMAT, in partnership with many business schools.

The main thinking was to create an exam that would support the needs of experienced professional candidates, while measuring academic readiness and incorporating aspects which refer to real-world experience and knowledge.

Key points of comparison and difference include:

Length. The EA is shorter. It takes approximately 90 minutes, while the GMAT takes approximately 180. This is achieved by halving the number of questions and time required for verbal and quant and...

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