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VIDEO: MBA Entrepreneur | Biju Menon, EMLYON

We spoke to Biju Menon, EMLYON MBA entrepreneur and founder of revolutionary recruitment platform, Nottx. Biju shares his experience, offering insight for budding entrepreneurs

After years in the corporate world, MBA entrepreneur Biju Menon was fed up of seeing the inherent unfairness in the recruitment process. He got passed up for jobs that he had even been headhunted for. He realised that there were certain things in the resume that triggered an unconscious bias in employers.

In this interview, we caught up with Biju to learn more about his startup journey, and how his dual degree MBA from Cranfield and EMLYON gave him the skills he needed to get his company Nottx off the ground.


He launched Nottx, a blind recruitment platform that maintained certain levels of anonymity at different stages of job applications. By founding Nottx, Biju aims to create a level playing field in the world of work, where human bias is minimized and the hiring process is fair. 

Never has applying for a job been fairer. 

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