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GMAT Online Exam | 12 Top Test Prep Tips

The world's best business school admission consultants share their top test prep tips for the new GMAT Online exam

Tue Apr 14 2020

If you’re applying to business school this year, you’ll struggle to take the GMAT exam in a test center. Instead, you can register for the GMAT Online exam, a temporary at-home testing solution launched in response to the coronavirus pandemic and closure of GMAT test centers globally.

The GMAT Online exam is fundamentally the same as the test center version. However, how you take the exam is clearly different. 

On your test day, you’ll be sat at home, online, and while you take the exam you’ll be monitored by a human proctor on a live video feed to ensure you don’t cheat.

This will be unfamiliar territory for many business school candidates and, as with any change to the GMAT test, there’ll be a lot of questions about the online GMAT.

With this in mind, we spoke to some of the world’s top GMAT prep experts and MBA and master’s admissions consultants to give you the best advice on how to prepare for the new GMAT Online exam.

12 Test Prep Tips for the GMAT Online exam

Travis Morgan, MBA Whisperer, Kellogg MBA

1. Don’t be afraid of the online GMAT. 

There are far more benefits than drawbacks, so if you’re ready to take the exam, take it now. You may even be able to gain admission to a top program for this fall, if that’s your goal!

2. Take practice exams in the exact environment of your actual exam. 


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