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GMAT Problem Solving Guide | 5 Test Prep Tips

Having problems solving your GMAT problem solving questions? We bring you our BusinessBecause top test prep tips, in collaboration with The Official GMAT

Mon Sep 7 2020


GMAT problem solving questions can be real head-scratchers. Test takers are faced with math problems, with five possible solutions to choose from. 

Using arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, among other mathematical skills, candidates must determine which solution offers the right answer to the problem. It may sound simple, but the GMAT test is designed to stretch you. 

In this BusinessBecause video, in collaboration with The Official GMAT, we’ve put together our five top test prep tips for preparing for and approaching problem solving questions. 

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Our five test prep tips for GMAT Problem Solving

1. Read the question carefully

Don’t answer the question that you think they are most likely to ask, and miss the point of the actual question. 

2. Familiarise yourself with the answer choices

This will help you to get the answer in the right ballpark - whether this is in terms of quantity or form given. Try plugging different answers into the problem, and see which one fits.  

3. Practice doing quick calculations by hand

Problem solving requires quick mathematics, and remember you won’t have a calculator handy. 

4. Don’t estimate

Problems often have shapes, distances, and angles as part of the question. But don’t be fooled - the scale may be off and angles not exact. 

5. Don’t waste time

Don’t watch the clock constantly, but keep a good eye on how long you are spending on each problem.