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GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide | 5 Test Prep Tips

Having trouble answering GMAT critical reasoning questions? We bring you our BusinessBecause top test prep tips, in collaboration with The Official GMAT

Tue Sep 1 2020


Critical reasoning questions on the GMAT exam often pose the biggest challenges to test takers. 

Candidates are faced with a short passage text, along with a question asking you to critically engage with the passage. This may ask you to draw certain conclusions, or explain certain phenomena. 

For those stuck on GMAT critical reasoning questions, we bring you our BusinessBecause five test prep tips, in collaboration with the Official GMAT, for preparing for critical reasoning. 

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Our five test prep tips for GMAT Critical Reasoning

1. Read the question first

It might be tempting to read the passage first, but often it’s more helpful to start with the question. This helps you understand what sort of question it’s going to be, and gives you pointers as to what you should be looking out for in the passage. 

2. Learn the different question types

Learn the different categories of questions, and know how to spot them. 

3. Look for indicators

It’s good to start with understanding whether any statements provide reasoning to the argument, or whether they merely provide information. These are called ‘inference indicators’. 

4. Avoid answers with information not included in the passage

More than one statement may be true, but only one will be relevant to this specific question. 

5. Avoid answers with hyperlative language

If one of the options includes over-the-top language like ‘never’, ‘always’, or ‘best’, it’s probably not true. 


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