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GMAT Official Guide 2022 Reviewed

Find out what’s new in our GMAT Official Guide 2022 Review and whether the Official Guide is worth the investment

Tue Apr 27 2021

The GMAT Official Guide 2022 is the official resource for your GMAT prep.

You can use the GMAT Official Guide to get familiar with the GMAT exam structure—the Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning sections—and test yourself with GMAT practice questions.

There are various helpful GMAT prep books, but the Official Guide is the only one that features real questions from past GMAT exams and is offered exclusively by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the owner and administrator of the GMAT.

So what’s new in the GMAT Official Guide 2022? Is it worth buying if you already own the 2021 version? And is the GMAT Official Guide alone enough to ensure you ace the GMAT?

Here’s our review of the GMAT Official Guide 2022.

What’s new in the GMAT Official Guide 2022?

The GMAT Official Guide is released annually, with each version bringing additional features and new practice questions. The guides are published as books and available online as e-books.

New features of the GMAT Official Guide 2022 include:

- Online Diagnostic Evaluation: You can discover your strengths and focus areas for fundamental skills within Verbal, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning sections of the exam via an updated online evaluation.

- Verbal Review Chapter (new) and Quantitative Review Chapter (updated): You can review the fundamental skills and concepts with introductory review chapters followed by 25 practice questions.

- Quick Quantitative Reference Sheets: You can review common quantitative formulas and concepts to master the quantitative section of the GMAT exam.

- Updated Answer Explanations: Study the reasoning behind the answers to help improve your performance.

Where can you buy the GMAT Official Guide?

You can buy the GMAT Official Guide on The GMAT Official Guide Bundle 2022: ebook & Online Question Bank costs $81.99.

To get every up-to-date official GMAT resource available, you can also buy the Premium GMAT Study Collection 2022 for $329.99

We suggest you buy the latest version of the Official Guide (see why below), but you can still buy the GMAT Official Guide 2021 e-book on for $39.99 and bundle package for $69.99.

You can purchase the 2021 guide for around $30 on Amazon or less than $15 used on

Why should you buy the latest version of the GMAT Official Guide?

“The new edition contain more features than ever before to help you evaluate your skills, build your knowledge, and track your performance,” says Ana Kyper, senior director of product management at GMAC.

The new online diagnostic evaluation, Ana explains, is only available to purchasers of the GMAT Official Guide 2022 and is key in helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses in advance of your GMAT prep.

The latest guide includes over 1,000 practice questions across quantitative and verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning, and answer explanations are included so that you can study the reasoning behind the answers to help improve your performance. 

The questions in each section are organized by difficulty level—easy, medium and hard—so you can start easy and work your way up to the hard questions as you build your knowledge.

And you can also create your own practice sets in the Online Question Bank by fundamental skill and difficulty level to track your performance and pacing. 

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How should you use the GMAT Official Guide?

The GMAT Official Guide aligns with the GMAT Official 8-Week Study Guide, which helps you prepare, practice, and assess your performance before taking the exam.

Ana from GMAC also recommends you use other GMAT prep materials aside from the GMAT Official Guide:

“We recommend our free GMAT Official Starter Kit and Practices Exams 1 & 2. The practice exams are included with the Starter Kit and provides a simulation of the GMAT exam using the same scoring algorithm at the real GMAT exam. 

“We also recommend continuing your practice with additional GMAT Official Practice Exams.”

If you want to practice verbal or quant questions in particular, GMAC offers supplements for each section.

You can even challenge yourself with the GMAT Official Advanced Questions, consisting of 300 hard GMAT exam questions.

GMAC launched the GMAT Online Exam in 2020. The GMAT and GMAT Online are equivalent tests so whether you’re intending to take the GMAT online or in a test center, your test prep will be much the same.

All prep resources, including the GMAT Official Guide, are applicable for either format of the exam.

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