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Manhattan vs Magoosh | Which GMAT Prep Course Should You Choose?

We explain the difference between Magoosh and Manhattan GMAT prep courses, and how to choose the best GMAT test prep provider for you

By  John Karageorge

Wed Nov 10 2021

When it comes to GMAT prep courses, there’s no shortage of options out there. But two of the most popular GMAT test prep providers are Manhattan Prep and Magoosh.

Both Manhattan and Magoosh are well-respected and reviewed. They offer a suite of GMAT test prep services—including online GMAT classes and private GMAT tutors—to help you boost your GMAT score.

So what are the differences between Manhattan Prep and Magoosh? When should you choose one course provider over the other?

Manhattan GMAT Prep Offerings: The rundown

Manhattan Prep is best known for its all-encompassing variety of GMAT prep options, ranging from full-blown courses to private tutoring to short and intense bootcamps. 

To start, Manhattan’s Complete GMAT Course gives students the opportunity to learn material and test-taking strategies alongside other students in a classroom-like setting. The course is approximately two months long, and offers 27 hours of live instruction during that time. 

The cost of the Live Course is $1,599, but Manhattan GMAT prep also offers students the option to add on three hours of private 1:1 tutoring for a total of $2,049, which comes out to $150 per hour of tutoring.

On the topic of private tutoring, Manhattan’s Private Tutoring package comes with 10 hours of 1:1 private instruction, and starts at $2,450. With the Private Tutoring package, students work with their tutor to create a custom study plan and timeline. Purchasing the package of 10+ hours also gives students access to Manhattan’s full assortment of on-demand video lessons. 

For students who are looking for a short and intense, jam-packed test prep experience, Manhattan offers two online three-week bootcamp options. The Intensive Bootcamp starts at $2,599, and comes with 35 hours of instruction, seven hours of math foundational lessons, and full access to on-demand video lessons as well as their GMAT strategy guide set. 

Manhattan’s second bootcamp option, Bootcamp Plus, comes with everything featured in the Intensive Bootcamp option plus 12 hours of private 1:1 tutoring for a total of $5,099. 

Finally, Manhattan Prep’s On Demand GMAT course, called Interact, is their most flexible test prep option. Students who take the course move at their own pace through the course’s 35 interactive lessons. 

As with all of the other test prep options, the On Demand course comes complete with six full practice tests. Students pay $999 for the course by itself, and $1,449 for the course plus three hours of 1:1 tutoring. 


Magoosh GMAT Prep offerings: The rundown

Magoosh offers two GMAT test prep options: self-study and guided study. 

Their self-study option is split into two different package options:

- The first is for students who are only looking for test prep in the Math and IR sections. For a flat fee of $219 for one year of access, you get 175+ video lessons, 720+ practice questions, and access to study schedules and checklists created by Magoosh. This plan also comes with a +3 score guarantee for the Math section of the exam. 

- The second self-study package option, called “Premium”, gives students access to study materials for all four sections of the exam (Math, IR, Verbal, AWA). For a flat fee of $249 for one year of access, you get 340+ video lessons, 1,300+ practice questions, 2 diagnostic tests, and study schedules. This plan also comes with a +50 total score guarantee, as well as access to Magoosh’s score predictor tool. 

Finally, Magoosh’s guided study option is for students who are looking for a balance between self-study and 1:1 help. It comes with everything in their self-study Premium package, along with six hours of video chat tutoring sessions, for $799. 

While none of Magoosh’s packages come with access to full GMAT practice tests, all Magoosh subscribers automatically receive 40% off exams 3-6 in GMAC’s Official Practice Exam arsenal. 


Manhattan vs Magoosh: GMAT prep comparison

Overall, when comparing Manhattan GMAT prep vs. Magoosh in terms of price, it is clear that Magoosh’s offerings are much more affordable. Although we cannot compare Manhattan’s Complete Course or Bootcamp plans to any similar plan at Magoosh, looking at Manhattan’s on Demand Course side by side with Magoosh’s Premium Self Study, Magoosh’s plan seems to be a better deal for the price. 

When comparing the prices of Manhattan vs. Magoosh GMAT prep courses specifically for private tutoring, we can see that Manhattan charges roughly $245 per hour, while Magoosh charges only $110. Solely looking at the numbers, it is clear that students looking for affordable private tutoring should opt for Magoosh’s plan. 

However, Manhattan does boast a team of tutors who have scored at or above the 99th percentile on the GMAT, whereas Magoosh explains on their website that their tutors are ‘test prep experts with years of experience as tutors’.  

In terms of various types of offerings, Manhattan takes the cake with GMAT prep options for all types of students and learners. Another pro of Manhattan’s offerings is that they do have in-person tutoring options, whereas all of Magoosh’s plans take place online. 


Manhattan vs Magoosh: Which is the better choice?

If you are less worried about price and more interested in utilizing a wide variety of test prep options (including private tutoring with 99th percentile tutors) you will probably find Manhattan Prep more to your liking. 

Conversely, if you are price-conscious and perhaps looking for more solo-study options, you might lean more towards Magoosh. 

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both Manhattan Prep GMAT and Magoosh GMAT test prep options. 

The best way to figure out which option is a good fit for you (after having read this article!) is to ask peers, family and friends, and to check out online reviews for both to see what other GMAT studiers have to say. 

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