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Manhattan vs Magoosh | Which GMAT Prep Course Should You Choose?

We explain the difference between Magoosh and Manhattan GMAT prep courses, and how to choose the best GMAT test prep provider for you

Fri Feb 16 2024

When it comes to GMAT prep courses, there’s no shortage of options out there. But two of the most popular GMAT test prep providers are Manhattan Prep and Magoosh.

Both Manhattan and Magoosh are well-respected and reviewed. They offer a suite of GMAT test prep services—including online GMAT classes and private GMAT tutors—to help you boost your score on the GMAT.

So what are the differences between Manhattan Prep and Magoosh? When should you choose one course provider over the other?

Manhattan GMAT Prep Offerings: The rundown

Manhattan Prep is best known for its all-encompassing variety of GMAT prep options, ranging from full-blown courses to private tutoring to short and intense bootcamps. It also offers the lowdown on the GMAT scoring changes in 2024.

Complete GMAT Course

To start, Manhattan’s Complete GMAT Course allows students to learn material and test-taking strategies alongside other students in a classroom-like setting. The course is approximately two months long and offers 27 hours of live instruction during that time. 

The cost of the Live Course is $1,850 when taken online or $2,150 when you study in-person at Manhattan Prep’s Madison Avenue office. Manhattan GMAT prep includes custom one-on-one pre- and post-exam assessments with an instructor.

Private Tutoring

On the topic of private tutoring, Manhattan offers Private Tutoring packages of 10, 20, or 30 hours 1:1 private instruction, starting at $2,900. This puts the cost per hour at $290.

With the Private Tutoring package, students work with their tutor to create a custom study plan and timeline. Purchasing the package of 10+ hours also gives students access to Manhattan’s full assortment of on-demand video lessons and prep materials. 

GMAT Bootcamp

For students who are looking for a short and intense, jam-packed test prep experience, Manhattan offers two online bootcamp options: a “condensed” two-week program and a “comprehensive” three-week course.

The comprehensive Bootcamp starts at $2,899 and comes with 35 hours of instruction, two five-hour Foundations of GMAT Math workshops, and full access to on-demand video lessons as well as their GMAT strategy guide set. 

GMAT Bootcamp Plus

You can also upgrade to Bootcamp Plus for an additional fee of $2,500. Bootcamp Plus comes with everything featured in the standard Bootcamp option plus 12 hours of private 1:1 tutoring and takes the total spend to $5,399.

Advanced GMAT Course

For applicants aiming for top scores on the GMAT, Manhattan Prep provides an advanced GMAT prep experience that encompasses six weeks of training for $1,750.

To enroll, you must already have a score of at least 595 on the GMAT exam, or 650 on the pre-2024 GMAT exam. This score can come from an official test or an practice exam.

The course is shorter than the standard GMAT prep course because instructors assume a solid foundation in all GMAT content areas. Students who have not completed Manhattan’s GMAT Complete Course already should familiarize themselves with Manhattan Prep’s GMAT strategies before beginning the program.

Online GMAT Course

Finally, Manhattan Prep’s On Demand GMAT course is their most flexible test prep option and costs just $650. Students who take the course move at their own pace through the course’s 25 hours of video lessons. 

As with all the other test prep options, the On Demand course comes complete with six full practice tests.

Magoosh GMAT prep offerings: The rundown

Magoosh offers self-study MBA admissions support options at a fraction of the price of many competitors and with a free trial option available. Two Magoosh plans offer GMAT support.


Magoosh’s first GMAT prep plan is its Premium offering, which costs $349. This includes access to more than 200 video lessons, over 800 practice questions, and at least two diagnostic tests.

Premium users can also access Magoosh’s score predictor tool and ask questions of GMAT experts at any time via email. There is no cap on the number of emails you can send, but response times may vary.

Premium + Admissions

In addition to the Premium package, Magoosh also offers an Admissions plan costing just $199 for one year. This doesn’t include access to GMAT prep materials but does incorporate other support for your application, for instance, application materials from real students and guided essay writing support.

With the Premium + Admissions package, which costs $449 for one year, you can combine the application support of the Admissions plan with the GMAT prep support of the Premium plan.

Magoosh is very confident in the strength of its offering. The company gives users a score guarantee, whereby users who already have a valid GMAT score are guaranteed to improve their score or get their money back.

Here’s how that works depending on the score you’re starting from:

Manhattan vs Magoosh: GMAT prep comparison

Overall, when comparing Manhattan GMAT prep vs. Magoosh in terms of price, it is clear that Magoosh’s offerings are much more affordable. Although we cannot compare Manhattan’s Complete Course or Bootcamp plans to any similar plan at Magoosh, looking at Manhattan’s on Demand Course side by side with Magoosh’s Premium Self Study, Magoosh’s plan seems to be a better deal for the price. 

It is also tough to compare Manhattan’s tutoring offering to Magoosh’s on-demand email support service. Manhattan’s 1:1 tutoring support may cost a relatively high $290 per hour, but it delivers value in intensive GMAT training. Meanwhile, Magoosh’s on-demand email support may be better suited for test-takers who are confident in navigating the prep process on their own. 

Manhattan also boasts a team of tutors who have scored at or above the 99th percentile on the GMAT, whereas Magoosh explains on their website that their tutors are ‘experts [with] years of experience with the SAT and ACT’.  

In terms of various types of offerings, Manhattan takes the cake with GMAT prep options for all types of students and learners. Another pro of Manhattan’s offerings is that they do have in-person tutoring options, whereas all of Magoosh’s plans take place online. 


Manhattan vs Magoosh: Which is the better choice?

If you are less worried about price and more interested in utilizing a wide variety of test prep options (including private tutoring with 99th percentile tutors) you will probably find Manhattan Prep more to your liking. 

Conversely, if you are price-conscious and perhaps looking for more solo-study options, you might lean more towards Magoosh. 

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both Manhattan Prep GMAT and Magoosh GMAT test prep options. 

The best way to figure out which option is a good fit for you (after having read this article!) is to ask peers, family, and friends, and to check out online reviews for both to see what other GMAT studiers have to say. 

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This article was written by John Karageorge of MBA Insight in November 2021 and updated with new GMAT scoring information in February 2024.