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VIDEO: Startup FAQ | Is Having A Startup Cool?

Beanbags, drinking beers at work, riding around on mini scooters. Is the stereotype true—are startups cool? We put a Startup FAQ to our panel of experts

Tue Feb 11 2020

When you think of startups, you think of Silicon Valley, you think of Mark Zuckerberg, you think of Elon Musk. Laid back geniuses, who drink beer and eat pizza at work, who ride around on mini scooters. It's certainly a stereotype, but is it true?

In this Startup FAQ, we ask: is having your own startup cool?


It depends hugely on your definition of cool.

If cool means enthusiastic, passionate, and excited about a business which solves a problem, then, yes, London Business School's Jeff Skinner thinks it certainly is cool.

If cool means electric scooters and bean bags, then it depends largely on the entrepreneur. Biju Menon, from EMLYON, thinks this comes down to his own leadership style, where the intensity of how business is done may not always match up to what people perceive as 'cool'. 

In our Startup FAQ series, we pose frequently asked questions from Reddit and Quora about entrepreneurship to successful entrepreneurs and business school experts.

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