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VIDEO: Startup FAQ | Do 9 Out Of 10 Startups Fail?

There's a commonly held notion that nine out of 10 startups fail. But is it true? We put a Startup FAQ to our panel of experts

By  Simon Lovick

Tue Feb 25 2020

The first weeks, months, and years of a startup can be brutal. Even business failures like Vine and Google Glass can attest to this. The startup environment is so turbulent, it's commonly believed that nine out of 10 startups fail by this point. But is it true?

In this Startup FAQ, we ask: Is it true that nine out of 10 startups fail?


The statistic, it turns out, may be a myth. Dr Harveen Chugh, from Imperial College Business School, says the figure is a bit more positive, estimating the three year survival rate of startups to be closer to 50%. 

London Business School alum Gerhard Grueter has an even more optimistic outlook. Even if it is nine out of 10 startups that fail...so what? That means you only need to regenerate your business nine times before you succeed. You can hear more about Gerhard's success, and his startup Lawson Conner, in this full interview

In our Startup FAQ series, we pose frequently asked questions from Reddit and Quora about entrepreneurship to successful entrepreneurs and business school experts.

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