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Inside View: MoveMeOn

These ex-McKinsey Consultants are helping MBA grads from top-tier schools and companies find great roles

This week’s Inside View is with ex-McKinsey consultant Richard Rosser, who co-founded of elite London headhunting firm MoveMeOn. When he quit McKinsey in 2010, Richard felt there wasn’t enough careers guidance out there for fellow high-flyers looking to make a career switch. 

So, together with his McKinsey friend Nick Patterson, he set up MoveMeOn with a mission to provide” hand-picked jobs for future leaders”. 

MoveMeOn is a careers site dedicated to ‘future leaders’ who have a degree from a leading university and between two and ten years experience at a well-respected employer and now have the ambition to reach the top.

Why did you start MoveMeOn?
When Nick and I were leaving McKinsey we had a lot of problems with the process. It was really frustrating because there was no one place where people with our background and experience could go to for well informed career advice. We spent days and days trying to find interesting roles and the process was frustrating and difficult. The good thing is that MoveMeOn was born out if it.

Since we launched the company we’ve had great feedback from candidates and clients. We’ve seen a 20% week on week growth in terms of candidates using it.

What makes MoveMeOn stand out for MBAs?
MoveMeOn is a powerful tool because we are a very tailored career site focused on high calibre candidates. If you use other job sites such as say Monster, you might be matched with many posts that you don’t really like. The great thing about MoveMeOn is that we screen every single job, select the companies and recruiters we want and this makes job search for candidates a quick and easy process. You also have additional careers advice and information through our blog.

What kind of clients do you typically have?
Our job seekers are usually from top tier universities and have studied a variety of disciplines. They also have two to ten years work experience so they would typically be coming to us for their second or third job.

We get people from all sorts of backgrounds but most of them are from consulting, financial services, banking, private equity, general management and the biggest corporate functions like marketing, sales and business development.

In terms of companies, we only work with well known, top-tier organisations and also with smaller private equity and venture capital houses. We partner closely with over 60 headhunters in London too and they frequently use the site to post opportunities.

How many of the candidates you’ve worked with have an MBA?
I would say about a third of the candidates have an MBA. We are recommended by top tier business schools and we have close connections with INSEAD, Cambridge University Judge Business School, Oxford University Said Business School and London Business School among others.

Do you attend recruitment events at business schools?
We’ve been invited to a couple of events and we consider these to be quite useful.

Are there any international opportunities?
Some of the companies we work with are big international brands and recruiters with international opportunities. For instance, right now there are technology consulting jobs in Africa, a strategy consulting role for a boutique in New York, and online e-commerce strategy jobs in Australia and Asia. 

What sort of information is on the MoveMeOn blog?
We made notes of the range of questions we had when we were in the process of leaving McKinsey such as how to switch to a different career, what tactics to use, how much we expected to be paid and we started the blog with answers to these question. Now, we have people writing for us and we still write some ourselves. We interview people who have inspiring careers so that our readers can take hints from how they did it.

What is the average amount of time a candidate could spend looking for a job through you?
All the jobs on our jobs board are live so they are looking to be filled ASAP.

Do you have any advice for MBAs who want to do something entrepreneurial?
Don’t be scared to thoroughly test your idea before you spend any money and think about the scale you want to get your business to in order for it to be profitable. It’s better to get a simple product launched quickly than to spend a year planning the perfect product.

When Nick and I were in process of getting MoveMeOn launched, we cold-called several recruitment agencies and set up meetings with the CEOs. We went to them, put out our idea and asked how much they would pay for it. We took their advice on board and within a couple of months we understood that there would be a market for it.

Are you interested in getting an MBA yourself?
I can be sponsored by McKinsey to get one so may well do one. I was in Paris a few weeks ago and I met with a friend at INSEAD and was quite jealous. MBAs seem to be having a great time and learning so much!


Friday 2nd March 2012, 15.06 (UTC)


Sounds like a great website. I checked out and it is clear, user-friendly and ... different. I assume career sites like this have a market as the so-called "industry-leading" career sites are filled with jobs people do not necessarily want. Best of luck, MoveMeOn! Though I feel like dancing reading the name:)

Tuesday 6th March 2012, 09.22 (UTC)


please come to asia next!

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