Inside View: General Mills

You enjoy their food – why not enjoy their career opportunities? Scott Swayne at General Mills shares his insights

General Mills employs 39,000 people, in a range of roles. The firm provides consumers with some of the most widely known brands in the world – from Green Giant, through Häagen-Dazs, to Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. 

With net global sales of $16.7 billion, General Mills looks to recruit talented business people who are able to keep this bigger picture in mind.
Scott Swayne, Director of University Recruiting, let us know why General Mills is such a great company to work for and which of their world-famous products are his personal favorites!
What's your role at General Mills and how long have you been there?
I am the Director of University Recruiting for General Mills and have worked for the company for over 12 years.
Why did you decide to join the company 12 years ago?
Initially, I was attracted to General Mills because of the company’s values.  The more important question may be why do I chose to stay.  For me, this is the perfect company.  General Mills has a very talented workforce and has provided me with challenging and diverse work assignments.  Most importantly, however, General Mills allows me to bring all of who I am to work every day.  That is unique and it keeps me coming back every day.
Tell us a bit more about your company’s mission.
Our mission is Nourishing Lives – making lives healthier, easier and richer. Millions of times each day, families around the world trust our brands to nourish and delight the most important people in their lives.
We value that trust, and each day we focus on living up to those expectations not only by providing safe, quality food, but also by living our mission as a member of our community. The General Mills Foundation has been nourishing lives for over five decades.  Through their efforts, half a billion dollars has been given to communities across the globe.
Do you hire any MBAs? What sort of roles might they be suitable for?
We hire MBA students for a number of functions including brand marketing, channel marketing, consumer insights, finance and human resources.
What advice do you have for MBAs hoping to get a job at your company?
Here are a few best-practice tips:
- Research the company to determine fit, as well as the type of post-MBA role that best suits you.
- Reach out to business school alum that currently work at the company. Honor their time by sending customized questions in advance of the conversation.
- Consider internship opportunities at the company between your first and second year of business school. This is a key way to garner both work experience, exposure to the company, and, if successful, the possibility of a full-time offer.
If I joined General Mills as an employee, what would be expected of me?
We expect our employees to live our values which means committing to building our brands, innovating in every aspect of our business, striving for consistently superior performance and doing the right thing all the time.  In return, General Mills commits to respect, develop and invest in each employee.
What's your favorite General Mills brand?
If I had to pick just one, it would have to be Nature Valley but I’m also a big fan of Yoplait. 

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