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Inside View: Hudson & Yorke

MBA Andrew Douglas talks about how to get a job with this international management consultancy

This week’s ‘Inside View’ is with communications and technology specialist management consultancy Hudson & Yorke. They offer technological expertise as well as high quality management advice for their loyal customer base.

Hudson & Yorke emphasise the entrepreneurial atmosphere of their company, where individuals are encouraged to think creatively to deliver the best solutions. They work on projects throughout Europe, North America, South America and Africa, and tend to focus on large enterprises that are typically FTSE 100 and Global 500 corporations and public sector organisations.

Andrew Douglas works as a Principal Consultant at Hudson & Yorke, having completed an Executive MBA specialising in Strategy and Innovation at Imperial College Business School in 2007.

We asked Andrew about what it’s like to be an MBA at Hudson & Yorke, and where the technology industry is going.

What's your role at Hudson & Yorke and how long have you been there?

I am a principal consultant focused on the financial services sector, delivering strategy, sourcing and transformation services to clients with complex telecommunications networks. I've been at Hudson & Yorke for nearly three years.

Do you hire any MBAs? What sort of roles might they be suitable for?

Management consultancy positions are excellent for MBA graduates, as they offer a huge range of opportunities, from strategy design and implementation, through to large programme delivery.

We do consider hiring MBAs at Hudson & Yorke, and they would typically start at a Senior Consultant level or as a Managing Consultant if they have sufficient experience in our area of expertise.

What advice do you have for MBAs hoping to get a job at your company?

I would recommend tailoring the relevant MBA assignments, projects and team work to suit the job specifications. Just because you have an MBA does not mean that you are a definite for the job. You still need to work for it and demonstrate why your skills are more relevant to the job role than other applicants.

Don't push your MBA too much at interview level, as you need to show the knowledge, experience and other skills you have developed outside of your MBA course to show that you are an all-round individual.

What are the most exciting things about a career with Hudson & Yorke?

Hudson & Yorke is constantly evolving and a career here gives individuals the exposure to clients and projects that they may not have got in a more generic consultancy.

We provide consultants with the platform to develop, and they are required to throw themselves into it.

What do you mean by your motto 'Freedom to Succeed'?

This refers to the fact that in our work, we focus on allowing our clients the freedom to succeed – we do much more that just writing a report that is left on a shelf to go dusty. Hudson & Yorke focuses on tangible benefits.

It also means that everyone working at Hudson & Yorke is given the freedom to succeed. Working in a specialist consultancy means people have the chance to really shine and make a difference.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the tech industry?

From an ICT outsourcing perspective, we are seeing more interest from clients in outsourcing the Service Management elements to a Service Integrator or System Integrator across IT towers.

Cloud sourcing could become more prevalent in future, with more emphasis on ‘green’ sustainable sourcing programmes.

How do you differentiate yourselves?

We differentiate ourselves in the fact that we are a small niche and specialist management consultancy. We have a relatively small team of consultants, but everyone is very experienced, professional, and knowledgeable, with excellent communication and presentation skills.

On another level, everyone is very sociable and willing to help each other. Sharing knowledge and expertise from client engagements is actively encouraged, which benefits everyone from a personal development perspective.

What markets are you currently growing in?

We are currently growing in the Public Sector and Utilities sector, and are developing new clients in the Financial Services sector.


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Jen Ten

Interesting interview! I agree everyone's talking about cloud sourcing right now...

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