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Inside View: BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas’ new recruitment scheme and what it means for graduates

You know you’ve made it big when you walk out onto the floor of one of BNP Paribas’ global trading centers. That feeling must be magnified when you start trading not just in Euros and Dollars, but also in Ringgit, Lira, Naira, and Pesos.

I am struck by BNP Paribas’ new recruitment campaign. It consists of a series of videos ranging from quick interviews with fresh young faces, to ‘A Day in the Life’-style clips, to general business strategy scenes. The videos are well-branded, clean, simple and, most importantly, exciting!

Take “Katie’s” video – she works in the London office. She goes into her educational background and explains how she became acquainted with BNP Paribas. She’s working on the Scandinavian and UK and Ireland sectors. She explains a bit about her role at the firm and why she likes working for them.

The quote that resonated most with me is: “You shouldn’t be afraid to work here, and I would be afraid to work at some of our competitors.” Her life, as depicted in the video, seems fun, challenging and rewarding – what every recent graduate wants.

Now, I realize BNP Paribas is one of the largest companies in the world and employs some of the best marketing gurus out there, but these videos make a current student, like me, feel A) optimistic about opportunities down the line and B) positive about what banks can do for communities and countries. Obviously feeling B is of concern to most people outside the City and Wall Street.

Another one of their videos gives a five-minute “Day in the Life” depiction of a currency trader. The hectic work schedule and fast paced stress seems like what any young, financially savvy, man or woman would want in a career (at least for a few years).

The most salient portion of the clip is when the trader in question is looking to buy $100,000,000 worth of Israeli Shekel and all of a sudden, armed conflict breaks out between Israel and Lebanon. What a crazy and volatile day.

BNP Paribas seems to be actively recruiting the best talent out there. Not only are their offices located in some of the most exciting capitals in the world, but also their positions seem to be fun and worthwhile.

Another one of the personal videos, Ira, from New York, talks about actively trading even after only three to four months of on-the-job experience.

Application deadlines are: 30 November for graduate programs, 30 December for London internships and 28 February for New York internships.

I can only dream that at the end of my studies, a position like this will open up. I'm sure BNP Paribas will be prepared for a deluge of applications, and I'm pretty sure I'll be one of them!


Monday 18th October 2010, 18.02 (UTC)


Funny didn't really know much about this bank - good idea to make the videos

Friday 29th October 2010, 10.47 (UTC)


The Economist recently did a story about the responsible nature of BNP Paribas. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/399vblh It speaks to the responsibility exhibited by the bank during the boom years leading up to the crisis - and how it doesn't seem to be finding itself in the same situation as some of dunces like RBS and BoA.

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