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Job Opportunities At Apple As Tech Leader Plans Digital Advertising Hiring Spree

Big tech firm Apple is planning to almost double its digital advertising business workforce, opening a wave of new opportunities for MBA and business masters grads

Mon Sep 5 2022

Apple is planning a hiring spree across its digital advertising business, with 216 roles currently available on the big tech firm’s ad platforms team, according to figures reported by the Financial Times.

Apple is one of the world’s most attractive employers. Its ad platforms team currently comprises around 250 Apple employees, according to LinkedIn.

Available roles span a range of relevant functions for business school grads, including marketing, product and program management, and data science. There’s also demand for applicants with specialist knowledge of cutting-edge technology such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The majority of job opportunities are based in the US, in areas including New York, Austin, and Silicon Valley. There are more than 25 opportunities available in Europe, including in London and Berlin. Apple is also looking to fill spots across key cities in China, India, Japan, and Singapore.

The big tech leader’s plans mark a sharp rise in hiring compared with previous years. In late 2020, Apple was advertising just 56 available roles in the ad platforms team.

The increase reflects the firm’s growing focus on the digital ads industry. In 2021, Apple launched new privacy rules that impacted the ability of competing tech companies like Meta and Google to offer tailored ads to its iPhone users.

The decision has seen competitor revenues drop dramatically, while coinciding with a growth in Apple revenues from less than a billion in 2019 to around $5 billion this year, according to Evercore ISI estimates.

While Apple’s digital ads business is still far smaller than its competitors—Google reported more than $200 billion in revenue in 2021, Facebook more than $100 billion—Evercore ISI expects Apple’s digital ads revenue to rise to $30 billion by 2026.  

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