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Sale! A Rare GMAT Price Discount Is Available This Month

GMAT exam test takers can save 25% on their GMAT price when applying for the exam during a limited time period this month

Wed Jul 19 2023

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) announced a rare discount offer this month, allowing applicants to reduce their GMAT price by 25%. 

Beginning on July 19th and running until midnight on July 31st, the promotion means lower fees for candidates who register to take the GMAT exam at a test center on an appointed date before December 31st 2023. 

Prospective test takers will be able to input the code ‘GMAT25’ during checkout to take a quarter off their GMAT price. The offer is not available for online or GMAT Focus test appointments. 

Applicants across the globe are able to use the code, with the amount of savings available varying between regions and countries that currently have different GMAT prices.

In India and the US the exam currently costs $275, the discount ensures test takers should pay around $206. Across most European countries including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy the exam currently costs €275 ($310), meaning a reduced price of €206 ($231).  

Several European countries require applicants to pay $285 in fees, including Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Sweden. Test takers in these countries can pay a discounted rate of around $213. 

For candidates in the UK, the GMAT price is currently listed at £250 ($325), with the discount reducing fees to around £187 ($244). Applicants in various countries in Asia, such as China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Malaysia, and Indonesia currently pay $250, allowing for a reduced GMAT price of around $187. 

The promotional offer is a rare opportunity for global GMAT takers to pay discounted fees. In the past, promotions have been extremely limited and only available on a short-term, regional basis. 

While the offer is only available for the current GMAT exam, GMAC plans to launch a new version of the test, the GMAT Focus Edition, later this year. 

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