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Winners Of The GMAT Talent & Opportunity Scholarship 2023 Announced

From DJs to aspiring political activists, winners of the 2023 GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship hail from a broad range of backgrounds

Mon Oct 9 2023

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that exams are tough. Fortunately for some lucky contenders, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has announced a list of 10 prospective students who will receive scholarship assistance this year. 

Set up in 2022 by GMAC, the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship is designed to remove the cost of preparing for business education programs for prospective students.

Out of almost 300 applicants from 23 different countries in Europe, just 10 were selected to receive the scholarship in 2023, which provides exam funding worth close to $5,000. 

The GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship 

As the world’s premier business school exam, the GMAT measures skills integral to the world of business such analytical writing, problem-solving, and critical reasoning. Though not an admissions requirement at all business schools, a high GMAT exam score often boosts applicants’ chances of getting accepted into an MBA program.

To increase the exam’s accessibility, the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship particularly aims to help applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, such as women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities.

As part of the funding, selected applicants are awarded a voucher to cover the full cost of the GMAT Exam or GMAT Focus Edition—the updated iteration of the exam that will replace the GMAT from February 1st 2024—as well as a GMAT Official Practice Exam package.

The winners also receive a GMAT preparation course with a GMAT instructor, sessions from a professional admissions consultant, and online cultural courses for applicants who plan to study abroad.

Furthermore, as part of GMAC’s focus on mental health, the prize includes a year-long meditation application subscription.

The scholarships are supported by GMAC and a number of partners: 700+ Club, Apex GMAT, English Business Services (EBS), Your GMAT Coach, Fortuna Admissions, and CulturaGo.

Due to this years’ strong portfolio of applicants, 17 runners-up also received a GMAT Official Guide to aid in exam prep. 

Who are this year’s winners?

This years’ winners of the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship come from an eclectic range of countries across Europe. Four of the awardees hail from the UK, followed by three from Sweden, with the rest coming from Spain, Serbia, and the Netherlands. 

They also have a varied mix of academic and career backgrounds including business, pharmaceuticals, law, and investment. 

Swedish-born Kasje Persson is currently studying as a law student at University College London. Growing up between six countries, speaking three different languages, and having recently spent a study abroad year in Singapore, Kasje impressed the judges with her breadth of international experiences and the extent of her intercultural awareness. 

This falls in line with a recent survey conducted by GMAC, which found that cross-cultural communication skills are sought after by 81% of business employers. 

Another unique candidate: UK winner Daniel Dipper comes from a background in DJing. The Oxford University History and Politics graduate served as Vice President of the world’s largest debating society before deciding to hit the nightclub scene.  

Judges were impressed by his ability to take an active role to increase accessibility in every venture he undertakes. 

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Other winners consist of applicants from other parts of the globe who are now based in Europe.  

Linda Masibo is a global road safety advocate from Kenya, who is currently living in the UK. As an entrepreneur who serves on the Youth Leadership Board of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, she is dedicated to improving transportation services and education for young people in the global south. 

The judges were struck by Linda's passion towards working with young people in emerging markets. 

Similarly, scholarship winner Endang Ghani Ashfiya also comes from an international background, having moved all the way from Indonesia to pursue a career in data analytics in Sweden. 

In order to make the leap, Endang faced several hardships and setbacks. Now his current goal is to complete an MBA so that he can become a leader in digital transformation while simultaneously promoting diversity. 

Judges awarded him the scholarship for both his resilience and his dedication to inspiring others to pursue their dreams.  

A number of this year’s winners are also planning to pursue an MBA with the goal of achieving political change. 

For example, UK-based Juan Diego is a Business Studies student originally from Peru, who witnessed the unfavorable effects of his country’s political instability firsthand. His aim is to fight against Peru’s current socio-political deficiencies from a position of corporate or public leadership—which he believes will be best achieved through getting an MBA.

Judges were inspired by Juan's aspiration to use an MBA to make a profound and positive difference to the world.  

For those looking to apply for the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship in future, it's important to note that the variety of winners from all walks of life demonstrate the GMAC scholarship's focus on encouraging diversity and increasing accessibility in business education.

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