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MIT Sloan Launches New Courses Teaching Artificial Intelligence Strategies

MIT Sloan is embracing innovation through new mini courses that teach participants how to implement artificial intelligence into business strategies

Mon Jan 8 2024

MIT Sloan School of Management is launching two new compact courses focused on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in business strategies. 

The two new courses, which are offered as part of the M7 business school's Executive Education catalogue, are titled 'Leading the AI-Driven Organization', launching in April, and 'Generative AI (GenAI) Business Sprint', which is available now. 

These programs are designed to help business managers—particularly those responsible for strategic decision-making—create a structure for implementing the revolutionary technology into business. 

"Today's leaders need to evolve their core skills to deliver sustainable impact and value creation in the age of AI," said Paul McDonagh-Smith, senior lecturer of IT and executive education at MIT Sloan. 

McDonagh-Smith is leading the courses, leveraging his 20 years of research and teaching on digital transformation and translating computer and data science into measurable business values.

MIT Sloan’s Executive Education is a selection of non-degree executive courses, designed as a shorter, more flexible means to elevate participants' skillsets.

Studying AI at MIT Sloan

The Leading the AI-Driven Organization course is a five-day, in-person program that focuses on building a clear path for strategically navigating and implementing AI. 

Students will expand their knowledge of basic AI concepts and advanced technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, generative AI, and artificial general intelligence. 

The course will be taught through lectures, group activities, and hands-on workshops, which will include building a personal generative AI chatbot and training Machine Learning Models.

GenAI Business Sprint, the course that is already up and running, is a recent addition to MIT Sloan Executive Education’s Business Sprint courses. 

Conducted entirely online, GenAI Business Sprint is a six-hour, self-directed course. Throughout the program participants can complete lessons at their own pace any time over a 30-day period. 

Participants are taught by the leading generative AI faculty from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing. 

The course dives into technical methods underlying generative AI models and its barriers. Participants explore how to use these technologies to give their organization a competitive edge.

"No matter what role, function or industry you work in today, generative AI is reshaping its operations and inviting us to reimagine how we can innovate and deliver value," said McDonough-Smith.

“We're offering these courses to help leaders convert challenges to opportunities and realize the potentialities of AI technologies and their business models."