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Edtech University Launches The First Apple Vision Pro MBA

German edtech innovator Tomorrow University has announced the launch of an MBA program taught entirely through Apple Vision Pro—which includes a free headset

Wed Feb 7 2024

Attending university through a virtual reality (VR) headset may seem like something from a science fiction novel, but it’s already become a reality. 

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences—an edtech university based in Germanyannounced a new edition of its flagship MBA program in Sustainability, Leadership, and Business Innovation taught entirely through the new Apple Vision Pro headset. 

The announcement followed the recent launch of the hotly anticipated Apple headset on February 2nd. The Apple Vision Pro uses cutting-edge VR and user interface (UI) technology to create an immersive, mixed reality experience 

The program is already available in the US as a native Apple Vision Pro app under the name 'Impact.' Applications to take one of the fifteen places on the part-time course are currently open, with an enrollment deadline of February 20th. 

The MBA curriculum runs for eighteenth months. Other enrollment periods include March, May, and September.

Tomorrow University says the course “is designed to equip future leaders with the most in-demand skills and drive meaningful impact while connecting with the university's global professional network of sustainability and business experts.”

A unique draw of the course is that each student will receive a free headset as part of the program (which, considering they sell for a staggering $3,499, is a pretty lucrative deal). However, the course itself costs $21,000, with some early bird deals offered by Tomorrow University reducing it to a potential $16,000. 

While studying the program, students will be able to benefit from a hands-free audio and visual learning experience, as well as shared virtual spaces for interactive studying.