How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Business Education In 2018

Robots will find a place on MBA syllabi and change the way we learn online, according to the world’s top deans

The robots will rise in business education in 2018, according to the world’s top deans.

BusinessBecause's annual forecasting article found that business school heads see artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the trends having the biggest impact on management education in the year ahead. 

Francisco Veloso, dean of Imperial College Business School in London says: “Digital and AI are rapidly changing the way we live and work in significant ways, so I expect to see schools placing a stronger focus on these areas in...

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Erez Zundy

Wednesday 7th February 2018, 16.38 (Europe/Paris)

AI is already impacting business education, right at its roots – the GMAT (see Teaching students about AI will not bring the impact AI can truly have on business education. It's only when schools will start collecting more data and start personalizing the school's experience based on this data that you will see a huge impact on business education.

john carter

Sunday 14th October 2018, 20.41 (Europe/Paris)


john carter

Sunday 14th October 2018, 20.43 (Europe/Paris)


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