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5 Top Jobs For Master In Accounting Graduates

A Master in Accounting is one of the most popular business masters degrees, but what are your career prospects after graduating? Here are some of the most popular Master in Accounting jobs

Thu May 2 2024

Top business schools including the likes of NYU Stern, USC Marshall, and the London School of Economics offer Masters in Accounting (MAcc) degrees, teaching specialist accounting skills alongside broader business knowledge. 

While many program types are declining in popularity, applications to MAcc programs remain buoyant alongside Masters in Finance, according to a 2023 Graduate Management Admission Council survey

Enrolling in a Master in Accounting opens doors to jobs in accounting, finance, and auditing. Financial and accounting companies are expected to increase their hiring of business school students this year, meaning there remain plenty of accounting graduate jobs to choose from. 

We’ve rounded up five of the most popular accounting graduate jobs that you could apply to after you graduate, along with their average salaries in the US according to Glassdoor. 

Here five of the best Master in Accounting jobs. 

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1. Senior Accountant 

Average US Salary: $103,467

Large numbers of Master in Accounting graduates go on to work as chartered and certified accountants in a senior accountancy role. 

Senior accountants provide analysis and report on financial records, alongside working with individuals on their tax filings. Many companies require you to have passed the Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) exam to land a job as a senior accountant, but many Master in Accounting programs will contribute to the requirements to sit the CPA exam after graduation.

At Big Four accountancy firm EY, senior accountants can expect to earn around $106,000, while at PwC they earn salaries of around $111,000. Companies in a variety of sectors also employ in-house senior accountants. Within the tech industry, Google offers around $172,000 to their senior accountants, while Salesforce offers $120,000.

2. Auditor

Average US Salary: $88,472

Auditor is a more specialized accounting graduate job than a senior accountant role, Auditors are also skilled in tax regulations, they usually work on verifying financial statements to ensure they’re accurate.

Within Big Four accounting firms like EY, Deloitte, and KPMG, auditors earn salaries of between $75,000 and $85,000 on average. If you’re set on becoming an auditor, it’s also possible to work in government with your Masters in Accounting degree. 

Institutions like the United States Department of Defense and US Customs and Border Protection require auditors, and pay competitive salaries averaging at around $80,000. 

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3. Financial Controller

Average US Salary: $157,420

Financial controllers earn some of the highest salaries among the most popular accounting graduate jobs. This is because of their wide remit; not only are they responsible for financial records, they’re also responsible for preparing financial reports and creating strategies. Financial controllers typically report to the company CFO.

A top financial firm like Bank of America will pay a financial controller around $75,000 per year. In other areas of the private sector, though, it’s possible to earn even more than this. For example, tech conglomerate Google offer a salary of $125,000 to its financial controllers. 

4. Financial Manager

Average US Salary: $158,545

Similar to a financial controller, a financial manager will usually manage the day-to-day company finances. They also advise clients on financial planning and decision making. Financial managers don’t necessarily have to report to company executives. 

The average salary for this role is high at top financial and accounting firms, with EY paying $199,000 and Bank of America offering $185,000, on average. Some tech firms will also pay top dollar to their financial managers. Financial managers at Apple earn a huge $228,000 per year, and at IBM the salary is around $198,000.

5. Financial Analyst

Average US Salary: $102,148

Data analytics is one of the key skills that employers look for in business school graduates. Financial analysts work with financial data to make reports and forecasts, this makes the role of financial analyst one of the most in-demand accounting graduate jobs. 

Industries as varied as consulting, tech, and aviation employ financial analysts, though salaries vary at different companies. Apple will offer a salary of around $159,000 to their financial analysts, while Amazon offer approximately $122,000. However, Google offers considerably more, with average financial analyst salaries of $196,000. 

Enrolling in a Master in Accounting at a top business school will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully land you one of these top accounting graduate jobs, and the salaries that accompany them. 

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