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Why Should You Do A Master's In Management?

What’s studying a master’s in management degree really like? We caught up with three MSc in Management students at the University of Bath to find out



Thu Aug 2 2018

Bath is a city steeped in history, perfectly blending country-side tranquillity with a bustle of modern culture. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the valley of the River Avon, its natural thermal springs and distinct 18th century Georgian architecture distinguish the city from any other in the UK.

Placed in this idyllic location is the University of Bath, with an MSc in Management program ranked in the top 100 of the world according to the Financial Times Masters in Managment ranking 2017. The course is targeted at students from non-business backgrounds—with 33% of the cohort coming from arts degrees—and offers a variety of specializations.

Leveraging its strong network of 200 companies, the school offers students a number of opportunities to gain practical business experience—all master’s students interact with corporate partners from the first week of the program. Students can also substitute the dissertation for a practice track, enabling them to work with teams in global companies.

So, why should you do a Masters in Management? BusinessBecause spoke to three current students at Bath to find out.

Medya Cesen

Prior to undertaking an MSc in Management with Finance at Bath, Medya studied political science in Germany. During her undergraduate studies, she lived in Paris and Shanghai. She then took a gap year to do an internship in innovative marketing at BMW, consulting at PwC, and strategy at Porsche.

Why MSc and Bath?...I wanted to broaden my skill set by better understanding finance and learning management tools. I liked the broad range of modules and appreciated the fact that I learned the fundamentals of different fields and departments, thereby developing a sound understanding of companies and markets.

Bath is a reputed institution and the city prides itself for its high standard of living. The course allows me to tailor my modules as per my interests, enabling me to specialize in certain fields of my choice. Diversity is emphasized in the course which furthers my understanding of international cultures and work practices.

On the future...I would like to work either in consulting or a finance-orientated field. The degree has provided an understanding of organizational behavior and structure, analytical and critical thinking, and a strong awareness of business, economics and people management. My specialization in finance has covered key issues in investment banking, corporate finance, and risk management.

The course has improved my ability to think independently and take initiative, while managing time, projects, and resources. Group tasks have made me more comfortable negotiating, and I have greater confidence in making decisions and leading teams.

What stands out?...What makes Bath special is the support you get from the management office. I've met great people from different backgrounds on the program, gained knowledge I needed for my career, and enhanced my soft skills. It's a rich learning environment with teachers passionate about their subjects.

Sam Evans

sam bath

Sam left school straight after his A-levels to do his BSc in Biomedical Science at the University of Plymouth. He has always had an interest in healthcare and, during his MSc in Management at Bath, he secured a graduate job at GlaxoSmithKline.

Why MSc and Bath?...I decided to pursue an MSc in Management to learn the fundamentals of business, which would enable me to apply my passion for healthcare in the business world.

I chose Bath for its outstanding reputation. I had visited Bath previously a number of times, and believed that the university and city itself would offer opportunities to further my career and my personal development.

On the future...I've long desired to pursue a management career within the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries, and have been lucky enough to secure a graduate position with GSK.

My time at Bath has undoubtedly made me more aware of what is required to succeed in the business world. I think the design of the MSc in Management degree enables students to gain an understanding of the main aspects of management studies with five mandatory modules in the first semester. Moving into the second term, students have so much choice to shape their module options to suit their interests.

I've no doubt that knowledge of these fundamentals helped me gain a better understanding of companies when applying for jobs, and appreciating which ones I was most interested in.

What stands out?...Having the opportunity to understand the different ways my classmates interpreted scenarios or topics that we studied stood out. We all came from very different academic backgrounds. I think the MSc in Management is unique in that respect, it has really opened my eyes to a number of perspectives that I had never previously considered. 

In addition, I have just returned from the global residency program at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa, which the School of Management organized. This was an incredibly eye-opening experience, seeing how the business operates in Africa and how that differs to the rest of the world. This program also allowed me to see the outcomes of fair trade projects first-hand.

Without Bath School of Management, I cannot imagine another scenario which would've enabled me to have these opportunities. For that, I will forever be particularly grateful.

Anastasia Palchikova


Anastasia did her undergraduate degree in sociology in Russia. In the last year of her studies, she worked with a startup accelerator which sparked her passion for technology. Straight after that, she decided to pursue an MSc in Management. Now, she’s got a job at Accenture.

Why MSc and Bath?...My undergraduate degree in sociology was based on academic research, and I felt I lacked knowledge of the business world. The MSc in Management seemed the best fit to gaining necessary skills for my future career.

Bath is among the top universities in the UK for business and management studies. The university also has a wide network and connections with different employers. I knew that this would help me find the job of my dreams.

On the future...I have been offered a place at Accenture. It is a very exciting opportunity that involves consulting within the technology sector. The MSc in Management gave me an understanding of how the business world functions, and I gained transferable skills for my future role.

Bath School of Management gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, work with international teams, and put knowledge into practice. This experience is going to be really helpful as Accenture is an international company with clients and employees from around the world.

The career service was incredibly helpful preparing me for interviews and assessment centres by providing a series of workshops and one-on-one sessions.

What stands out?...This was one of the most exciting and challenging years of my life. The School of Management gave me an opportunity to discover where and what I wanted to do for my future career. The most interesting academic part is the practice track. It helps to gain some hands-on experience before starting work. Moreover, I have made some fantastic friends throughout the year.