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10 Best Masters In Management In Europe 2023

The birthplace of the Master in Management, Europe is home to some of the world’s best MiMs. Here are the 10 best Masters in Management in Europe in 2023

Thu Sep 14 2023


While its big brother, the MBA, began in the US, the Master in Management originated in Europe. Since its inception, European business schools have dominated Master in Management rankings. 

If you’re considering applying for a top MiM program in 2023, it’s the same story. 

The most recent Financial Times ranking of the top 100 MiM programs worldwide included just two US business schools. The vast majority of top-ranked schools, including nine of the top 10 programs, were in Europe. 

However, Asian schools featured more heavily in this year’s ranking compared to previous years, with 11 Indian schools making the top 100 and one Chinese school reaching the top 10. 

Here are the 10 best Masters in Management in Europe in 2023, according to the FT ranking.

10. Edhec Business School


One of five French business schools in the top 10, the three-year course at Edhec Business School is taught entirely through English and has a 55% female cohort.

In their second year, students are obligated to complete either a year of work experience or a six-month exchange with a partner university, which means that they are well-prepared to enter the job sphere upon graduation.

Within three months, 94% of graduates find employment, earning high salaries of around $104,000. 

9. Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management


Studying for one year, students on the Master in Management at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management are part of a cohort comprising 86% international students. 

After taking part in experiential courses such as the Entrepreneurial Challenge and Consultancy Project during the program, 67% of students see themselves employed three months after graduation. Within these roles, grads average high salaries of around $108,800. 

8. SDA Bocconi


Coming in joint eighth place, the SDA Bocconi MSc in International Management is a renowned program based in Italy’s financial capital of Milan. 

Given its global focus, the program requires students to take part in a mandatory experience abroad, which can either be an internship or a six-month study abroad program. Students are free to pursue their own desired specializations in whatever program they decide to choose, making the course highly customizable. 

A notable 89.1% of students are employed upon graduation, while average salaries after three years of finishing the course sit at around $102,900.

7. Esade Business School


As the only Spanish school in the top 10, students of Esade’s prestigious MSc in International Management can enjoy studying the year-long program in the metropolitan center of Barcelona. The course represents 32 different nationalities, while 43% of students are women. 

Students of the program have the opportunity to participate in international projects with Esade’s partner companies and NGOs, such as Sanofi and L’Oreal. The course also offers study tours across Africa, Asia and the Americas, enabling students to analyze business practices in different regions. 

As a testament to the program’s effectiveness, 99% of graduates were employed with three months, earning average salaries of $112,100. 

6. EMLyon Business School 


Also gaining a place in the top 10 this year is France’s EMLyon Business School. Lyon is the second-largest student city in France and a well-established business hub across industries like banking, chemical and pharmaceuticals. 

Students on the Master in Management program can opt to study for two or three years in a cohort comprised of 70 nationalities and 46% women. 

Before graduating, 82% of students were employed and earning a 64% increase on their salaries averaging an impressive $101,700.  

5. ESSEC Business School


The Essec Business School has risen one place on the ranking compared to last year. The two-year Master in Management program is taught from both the school’s French campus, near Paris, and in Singapore. 

The highly flexible curriculum includes a variety of specializations and elective opportunities in Sustainability and Impact, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, or Digital Business. After honing their career interests, grads can expect to earn large salaries of around $108,000 within three years. 

With such impressive salaries, it’s no surprise that almost 89% of students report that the program helped achieve their aims after graduation.

4. ESCP Business School


Another top MiM offered in France, ESCP Business School’s Master in Management gives students the chance to study at six different campuses in Europe including Berlin, London, or Madrid. 

Students on the program take part extensively in internships and apprenticeships which see them graduate with nine month’s professional experience under their belt. This experience means that 99% of ESCP MiM students secure roles after three months, the highest on this list. 

In these roles, grads can expect a salary of around $102,000.