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The University of Liverpool Management School MBA Application Insider

How can you ace an application for the University of Liverpool Management School MBA? BusinessBecause speaks to Julie Byrne, MBA coordinator at the management school, to find out


By  Laura Wise

Fri Oct 21 2022

The University of Liverpool Management School is a respected business school. It is one of an elite group of institutions worldwide that hold the gold standard ‘triple crown’ accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, and the Liverpool MBA program achieved Tier 1 Status in CEO Magazine’s 2022 Global MBA Rankings.

The School of Management takes an innovative approach to the graduate management degree, offering a football industries MBA as well as a Generalist Liverpool MBA. 

Both Liverpool MBAs help students build strategic leadership capabilities to prepare them for modern workforce dilemmas such as balancing technological advancements and economic growth with sustainability and social responsibility. It also places an emphasis on interpersonal skills and students’ development of empathetic leadership skills.

The school’s innovative programs and accreditations make it coveted. So how can you have the best chance of successfully applying to the Liverpool MBA? BusinessBecause caught up with Julie Byrne, MBA coordinator at Liverpool School of Management to learn how to ace your MBA application. 

What does the MBA application look like?

Our MBA students must meet our criteria of having a bachelor’s degree with an overall grade of UK Second Class Upper (or equivalent elsewhere in the world), meet our English language requirements (if English is not the applicant’s first language) and most importantly, they must possess a minimum of three years substantive managerial experience. This could be managing budgets, projects, or people. We also accept non-graduates who have a minimum of five years managerial experience; however, these applications are assessed in a slightly different way.  

For a standard application, one of which can be completed online via How to apply - University of Liverpool we would also ask applicants to provide us with specific documentation so that an initial assessment can be made. This includes things like their full academic transcripts, degree certificate, a CV, personal statement and the like. (The website has full details.)

For applicants coming through the non-standard route, we, for example, could assign an academic assignment to ensure that candidates who have not completed a degree before are able to cope with the academic demands of an MBA.

What does the University of Liverpool look for in MBA applicants?

The University of Liverpool offers two campus-based MBA programs: the Liverpool MBA and the MBA Football Industries program. For both, we are looking for people who are willing to learn and engage and make a difference not just to themselves through the learning experience, but also a difference to others and the world around them. 

Our MBA students come from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. It may be that students wish to start their own business, or move into a more senior strategic role, change sector or country they work in. Our MBA programs are highly ranked worldwide  and we therefore expect the calibre of our students to be the same. 

We put a lot of emphasis on the personal statement and look into four key areas: your interest and experience in this subject area, your reasons for choosing this particular program, your future aim or career plan, and how the program of study enables you to achieve this.

What’s the biggest mistake you can make in an MBA application?

The biggest mistake people make is not providing the documents that we need in time for a decision to be made on an application. The other is missing sections out and not completing the form correctly. Also, requesting a scholarship for which your program is not eligible. My general advice would be to read all the information available to ensure that the program is going to give you what you need for your future.    

With personal statements, we receive so many that are too generic and broad. They should link clearly to your experience and your future. We want clear career plans and for you to start with the end in mind. 

Finally, applicants not proofreading their essays. We sometimes get applications citing other universities!

What are the strangest things you have seen in an MBA application?

School certificates – I’ve had certificates provided from applicants’ school days where they have come third in the three-legged race, and other such sporting activities. I realize it may have been an achievement that they’re proud of but have no bearing when applying for an MBA or any other master’s level program! 

What should candidates expect from the interview?

Normally we don’t call people for interviews. We get a lot of applications each year and the process is very competitive. Therefore, we assess applications based on the documents provided. So, it very important to stand out in your personal statement and provide everything we need as early as possible to secure your place.

Tell us one thing about the Liverpool MBA application process that most people wouldn't know?

That unlike quite a lot of universities, we don’t charge candidates for making an application, it’s free. 

We are also very proud to say that the turnaround in MBA decision times can be really quick.  If an application is submitted with all the documents required, the decision can be turned around within 24 hours.  Obviously, if not all of the documentation is provided, then the process can slightly take longer.  

It’s also worth knowing that the Management School has a number of scholarships available, and if candidates meet the criteria for these scholarships, no separate application is required, they will be automatically considered. 

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