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How To Find Out If You Are Ready For An MBA

Thinking about enrolling at business school in the US but are unsure of your chances? ​ can assess how successful your application will be. Here’s how

Tue Mar 21 2023

An MBA is a sure-fire way to boost a business career but getting into a top school is highly competitive. Knowing which schools are a likely fit for your profile can help take the pain out of the application process.

To give you a sense of how well you would fare should you apply today, offers a free, automated profile review for prospective full-time MBA candidates to US schools. On the site, you share info about your current profile across six admissions categories, and then three minutes later, you receive a score plus suggestions of where to further strengthen your profile.

Working a bit like a credit report, the Index (AMI) is a free, automated profile review for full-time MBA candidates. It analyses according to the factors used by business school admissions teams, meaning that you can be better informed about your MBA application candidacy.

How to do it:

1. Go to

2. Fill out a questionnaire that covers the factors about your academic, professional, and personal profile that admissions teams request

3. Receive and revise your Index (AMI) report, including your candidate profile score and explanation behind this

4. Search top schools to see how your AMI score compares with accepted applicants.

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