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MBA Jobs: Get Hired By General Electric

General Electric has launched its business school recruiting season to hire MBA students for its commercial leadership program.

Thu Oct 16 2014

General Electric (GE), one of the largest global conglomerates, has just begun the business school recruiting season. The company is now in the initial stages of its ECLP – experienced commercial leadership program.

The ECLP is the main entry point for MBA students, and will see GE eventually add to its 305,000 global workforce.

Ferdinando “Nani” Beccalli-Falco, European CEO, said that he values holders of MBA degrees because they come with a certain amount of work experience.

“We try to select widely and [select] the best possible people… Most come from good [business] schools, good backgrounds,” he said in an interview with BusinessBecause.

With GE’s businesses ranging from aviation to healthcare in more than 100 countries, the program has strong employment opportunities. The company seeks to hire 100% of all ECLP candidates on a full-time basis.

About 80 candidates are recruited for the ECLP each year from leading business schools including Spain’s IESE and HEC Paris of France. About 1400 candidates have been snapped up for the program since its inception.

Participants complete three eight-month rotations in sales and/or marketing functions within their hiring business, and are expected to be geographically mobile.

Every ECLP candidate receives at least six weeks of training over the course of two years.

GE’s campus presentations kicked off in September, while resume drops are still open through October, with first round interviews also in October. This varies from school to school.

Nani said: “Most of the ECLPS have done very well. We had a commercial manager meeting last [month] and four of the chief marketing officers of the many businesses we have in Europe are former ECLPs. It is a good path and we should continue to encourage this way of developing talent.”