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Here's How Prodigy Finance Can Get You Into INSEAD And LBS

Getting an MBA from a top-flight business school aint cheap. Prodigy Finance can help

Getting an MBA from a top-flight business school aint cheap. While a graduate business degree will increase your earnings, and boost your career progression, it will swell your debt too.

The cost of tuition, living, travel and other expenses can run into well over $100,000 a year at the most prestigious institutions. Not to mention the lost earnings.

Prodigy Finance reckons it can help. The company provides international postgraduate students with community funded education loans.

We asked MBAs at two of the best (and most expensive) business schools how Prodigy Finance has helped them progress in their careers. This is what they said:

Moe Moeen, London Business School MBA candidate

Q. How did Prodigy Finance open the door to LBS? Could you have paid the £75,100 fees without the platform?

There is no doubt that Prodigy Finance was very helpful to my MBA application success. As soon as I found that there was such an effective and straightforward way as a Prodigy Finance loan to pay for my expensive MBA education, it made my life much easier; I could focus on more critical things, like cracking the MBA admissions process.

Q. As a self-employed entrepreneur were there concerns about your ability to meet the loan commitments?

No. First, I’ve co-founded a super-successful company with a €50m valuation. As one of the senior leaders of the business, I had my own reliable salary too. Second, over the past seven years, I’ve worked hard and made my own fortune. Finally, with an MBA degree from one of the world’s most recognized business schools, I will be able to find a decent job to pay for my loan commitments, if needed.

Q. What has the MBA done for you so far? What are you planning to do with the degree?  

The MBA has been a fantastic experience so far. There are endless opportunities for us to explore and experience any professional line one can imagine. Also, the courses are helpful for both managers and entrepreneurs, improving our chances of success.

With my degree, I plan to move my career to the next level. First, I plan to develop myself and learn new skills by either joining tech firms, or leading tech start-ups, or both. Afterwards, I plan to build my next start-up, this time at an international level, with much great impact on people’s lives.

Q. Why would you encourage other entrepreneurs to use Prodigy Finance?

I encourage every MBA candidate to use Prodigy Finance, not only entrepreneurs. Because with Prodigy Finance, candidates can focus on the real job of gaining admission to their dream schools, without having to worry about how to fund their studies. It would save them a great deal of mental pressure and stress.

I would also recommend that entrepreneurs count on Prodigy Finance. Because it is vital for entrepreneurs to be able to save money at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

Celso Pereira, INSEAD MBA candidate


Q. How did Prodigy Finance open the door to INSEAD? Could you have paid the fees without the platform?

I could not have paid the fees without the support of Prodigy Finance. The financing was vital to advance my plans of attending an MBA within the age range that I planned for myself.

Q. What has the MBA done for you so far? What are you planning to do with the degree?  

In just a few weeks, the MBA has already given me access to very restricted professional opportunities. For example, I can network and be considered for interviews for positions in different functions and geographies in my preferred industry (finance). After graduation, my plan is a career change within finance, changing function and possibly geography. 

Q. Why would you encourage others to use Prodigy Finance? 

Prodigy Finance offers a competitive line of credit. The application procedure is fast, flexible and simple. I encourage all students to apply for credit with Prodigy Finance, and evaluate carefully the terms and conditions of the credit offer. This is remarkably important for people living in countries with scarce financing options. 

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