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8 Reasons Why You Should Study Your MBA In Germany

Top graduate career opportunities, friendly visa regulations, and a great standard of living—here's why you should study your MBA in Germany

Mon Jan 11 2021

If you want to pursue a career in business, getting an MBA in Germany could be your shortcut to success. German MBA degrees are becoming more popular and competitive, and much of the demand comes from foreign students.

According to, close to 400,000 international students are currently studying in Germany and the majority want to stay and work in the country after graduation.

Although less well-known compared with traditional MBA schools, many German schools are located in thriving economic centers where future prospects are high.

Other indicators of this popularity growth include the affordable cost of studying and living in Germany, study experience, funding opportunities, and the German language.

Here's eight reasons why you should consider an MBA in Germany:

1. Affordable tuition fees

How much does an MBA in Germany cost? Tuition fees are often the biggest financial concern international students have to deal with and MBA courses are among the most expensive. Public higher education in Germany is offered for free, but the best German MBA schools are in private ownership and carry certain fees. 

However, compared to popular MBA courses like those in the UK and US, the cost is comparatively lower. For example, the full-time MBA program at the University of Oxford costs around $85,000 whereas the MBA at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management costs $47,000.

2. World-class MBA colleges and Academic Staff

MBA rankings put together by Financial Times and QS Top Universities place many German MBA schools among the world’s top 100 or 200 MBA schools.

Schools like: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Mannheim Business School, WHU (Otto Beisheim), ESMT Berlin, EU Business School (which has a campus in Munich as well as in Spain and Switzerland), and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Professors at German MBA schools enjoy an international profile. Their strong academic background built upon a long and rich experience is a guarantee you will benefit immensely and pave your path toward a challenging, but successful career. 

They can easily pinpoint your intellectual strengths and along with the university’s career advising team, they can help you find the ideal career.

3. MBAs in English

Business-related and social sciences courses are the top most popular study programs in German universities, according to Destatis data.

In recent years, German universities have continually increased the number of postgraduate courses taught in the English language.

4. Innovative Curricula

Study modules and curricula at MBA courses in Germany are under constant revision, aiming to be leaders in teaching and research innovation.

Your MBA course in Germany won’t only get you through the important concepts and topics in the business field but will also help you to gain an independent style of doing business and generating innovative ideas. The courses include practical sessions under a professional provision where your decision-making skills will improve.

For example, the full-time MBA at Frankfurt School features an Individual Research Project, which is a study of a real-life business problem carried out in collaboration with a business corporation. An integral part of the MBA course is continual support from a professional team of career advisors through coaching sessions, regular workshops, and similar events. 

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5. German Language

The German language is among the world’s most spoken languages. At a time of globalization, many German businesses are relocating and expanding their networks internationally while at the same time welcoming foreigners into Germany for work.

Studying in Germany for an MBA degree means an opportunity to learn a language which will give you access to a deep pool of jobs and career opportunities.

6. MBA Scholarships

In addition to being an affordable place to study and live in, there are a lot of options for financing your studies in Germany. Thousands of scholarships are granted from German government every year, a portion of which is granted to excellent international students.

German MBA schools have personal scholarship schemes for international students, while many companies survey talented students and come to them with attractive offers, offering them high-paid jobs in return of paying for their education in Germany.

Major scholarship schemes include: The Deutschland Stipendium, DAAD Scholarships, Erasmus+.

Other privately-funded scholarship schemes include: HHL Part-time MBA- Global Diversity Scholarship, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Full-Time MBA Young Leader Scholarship 2018, Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship.

7. Future Employability

German MBA schools are highly research-based universities aiming to prepare you with the skills and knowledge required in the job market. German cities like Frankfurt are valued as European financial and business centers and boast globally-recognized companies like Adidas, Amazon, Bosch, Google, the European Central Bank, and automotive companies like Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen. And all these companies hire MBA graduates from local universities.

Germany is also one of the easiest countries to get a work visa, offering a range of lucrative visa options for anyone with strong skills and a good educational background.

8. A Lifetime Experience

Studying an MBA in Germany is not all about seeking a degree; there are countless things to experience in this Germany, aside from your study adventure.

Germany’s international student community is highly diverse and provides an opportunity to socialize with people from different nations and learn about their culture, their customs, and traditions. Germany is also a land of wonderful sights like the Black Forest or medieval castles like Neuschwanstein in Bavaria which inspired Disney’s Cinderella Castle!

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This is a GUEST POST written by Gent Ukehajdaraj of It was first published in Nov 2018 and updated in Jan 2021.

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