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Being A Mother At Business School

From breastfeeding to childcare, being a mother at business school is no easy feat. But now a host of new initiatives are offering more support to MBA moms

By  Cara Skikne

Thu May 9 2019

Mother’s Day 2017 was the best day of Divinity Matovu’s life. She graduated with an MBA from Wharton with her five-year-old daughter Nyah clutching her hand.

Mother and daughter went up on stage to shake hands with the dean and collect her certificate. Divinity felt they had earned the MBA together.

When they sat down again, Nyah grabbed Divinity’s face with her two little hands, looked her in the eyes and said: ‘Mommy, I am so proud of you’. Divinity dissolved in happy tears.

“It put in her mind that education is important—that’s something I didn’t have. I think it was foundational for her.”

Single mom Divinity says getting an MBA with a child is difficult but not impossible. “It’s a completely different experience but that’s OK. I brought a different layer of diversity. Less than 1% of my class were...

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