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Top Countries For Business School Candidates

What are the best countries for business schools? Find out where in the world MBA and masters students want to study, and why

Wed Sep 25 2019

Applying to business school abroad is no easy feat. It used to be all about studying in the United States. Now, the market is crowded. 

Countries across the world have seen a growth in interest from candidates as top business schools go global and offer exciting new program options for MBA and masters students, while each county has its own contrasting visa policies.

In Top Countries For Business School Candidates, we highlight the 25 most popular countries for graduate management education, according to business school candidates.

We show which countries have seen the biggest increases in popularity; and the biggest drops. 

We break down the data by type of program and citizenship of the candidate. We speak to international students to find out the pros and cons of studying in their country of choice. And we report on the preferred study destinations of Generation Z, a new generation of candidates disrupting the industry.


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Most popular countries—Top 25 

Most popular countries by program 

Most popular countries by citizenship 

Millennials vs Generation Z 

BusinessBecause takeaway—Where should you study? 


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