The Best MBA Admission Consultants For 2020

Hiring one of the best MBA admission consultants could help you ace your business school application. Here's 9 of the best according to MBA Insights

If you're applying to top schools like Harvard Business School or Wharton, a strong GMAT score is not always enough. You may consider choosing from the best MBA admission consultants to help you stand out in a crowded market. 

With the help of over 750 student reviews, MBA Insights help you narrow down the competition to the nine best MBA admission consultants for 2020.

Personal MBA Coach and Stacy Blackman take top spots

Personal MBA Coach and Stacy Blackman Consulting took the top two spots in the MBA Insights rankings. Based on reviews and offerings, past clients appreciated the individualized attention they received, transparency on pricing, and the wide range of offerings each firm allowed for their clients. 

Both programs offer a free consultation call to determine which offering is best to help the student meet his or her academic goals—a personalized approach that really stood out to students.

Admissionado,, and Accepted made the top five ranking due to their strong offerings.  Admissionado is unique in that students get access not only to their own consultant, but they also get access to a professional editor, and professionals from a variety of different industries.  

Accepted is a popular choice for students who do not speak English as their first language, with programs offered in English, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish.

Costs of MBA consultants

MBA consultants aren’t cheap. Most of the programs in the top nine cost around $4,500 for comprehensive options, and between $260 and $450 an hour for additional help.

Given the cost, it’s important that students take advantage of consultations to determine which program will be the best fit. All of these programs offer some form of a free consultation call or meeting, a chance to know which consultant is the best fit. 

Although expensive, it’s important to remember that MBA consulting has helped students in the past gain admission to their top choice business school, even after facing rejection.

Certain programs received top rankings because they have consultants who have previously worked as admissions counselors for top business schools and know what it takes to gain admission. In terms of investment, the return is clear.

This article was written by the team at MBA Insights. Now, check out: The 10 Best GMAT Prep Courses


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