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Cost Of MBA Report 2022

How much does a top MBA cost? See the breakdown in our BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report 2022

By  Business Because

Tue Jul 26 2022



How much is tuition at Harvard, Wharton, and INSEAD? How do New York living prices affect the overall cost of an MBA? Where is the cheapest healthcare? Understanding the total cost of an MBA means looking beyond tuition fees alone. 

In our BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report 2022, we break down the total cost of MBA programs at the world’s top business schools, covering MBA tuition fees as well as living costs, healthcare, extra fees, and the cost of books and materials.

From our report you’ll find out how much an MBA at a top school such as Harvard, Stanford, or INSEAD will cost you; explore ways to finance your MBA and save money; and discover how to spot the hidden costs of the MBA.

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Key Findings 

- The average total cost of studying at one of the worlds top MBAs is $189,000.

- The cost of an MBA increased 6.3% from last year—this is largely due to the majority of US schools raising their tuition fees. 

NYU Stern has overtaken MIT Sloan as the worlds most expensive MBA, with a total cost of $246,506.

- CEIBS in Shanghai offers the most affordable MBA with a total cost of $84,500.

- Both Europe and Asia MBA fees appear to decrease but this is mainly due to the strengthening of the dollar. 

From networking to large salary increases, there are numerous reasons to study an MBA so the rising costs should not put you off. With loans and the various scholarship opportunities offered there are also great options to save money during your MBA. 

Learn also about our partner, Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, which is a top-ranked MBA located in the global city of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Total cost of top MBA programs

Wharton MBA Cost: $237,136

Columbia MBA Cost: $230,408

Harvard MBA Cost: $225,528

INSEAD MBA Cost: $121,861 - $125,261 (FR-SG)

Northwestern:Kellogg MBA Cost: $218,220

Download our free BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report 2022 to discover how we came to these numbers and find out more about the cost of pursuing an MBA at the world’s top business schools.