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CEIBS MBAs Are Landing Jobs With Amazon In China

The rapid rise of China has coincided with a wealth of job opportunities for MBAs. We speak to two CEIBS MBA grads flying high in their careers with Amazon


Wed Nov 11 2020


You can’t ignore the rapid rise of China and the strength of business schools in the East, and so it’s no surprise that companies like Amazon are attracted to the diverse MBA talent in the region. 

Rishabh Ralhan and Andrew Kim are two MBA graduates from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). After graduating they entered the world of Amazon in China. 

Rishabh Ralhan, 

Program Manager, Amazon



Rishabh entered the CEIBS MBA with an educational background in computer engineering. He also had work experience as a tech consultant with Deloitte and AIG, and as a product manager for a travel startup in India. 

But he always worked on the tech side and he wanted to complement that with business knowledge. There were questions he wanted to be able to answer: How does a business move forward with the product he’s built? How do they take it to market?

His eyes were on Asia when looking at business schools—“I think right now Asia is the place to be,” he says—and CEIBS came out on top as the best business school in China, with strong return on investment figures. 

Arriving in Shanghai was a culture shock, and Rishabh recommends any prospective CEIBS MBA candidates to take the pre-MBA Mandarin course the school offers. 

“I learned more about the culture and the language,” he says. “That really helped me transition smoothly into life in Shanghai.”