I Chose Hong Kong Over The USA For My MBA – Then I Got A Job At Amazon

Eliza Swedberg met her husband during her CUHK MBA. In more ways than one, she doesn’t think she’d be where she is today without it

Eliza Swedberg’s MBA experience at Hong Kong’s CUHK Business School changed her life in more ways than one.

After several years working in retail in San Diego, she snubbed top-ranked US business schools and decided to relocate thousands of miles for an MBA in Asia.

The CUHK MBA - Asia’s longest-established MBA program - is ranked among the top 40 best MBA programs in the world by the Financial Times. It offers 12-month and 16-month flexible formats with the opportunity for international exchange.

Eliza chose Melbourne, Australia for her MBA exchange. There, she interned at a leading retail services group, and met her future husband.

After graduation, Eliza returned stateside and landed a top job at Gap in San Francisco. Now, she’s driving customer experience strategy at Amazon.

Would she be where she is today without the CUHK MBA? “No!”

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at CUHK?

I wanted to move to Hong Kong. I'd explored the area a few years earlier and wanted to spend time calling it home. I received an offer from another school in Hong Kong as well, but ultimately went with CUHK because I liked their open application process for international exchange programs.

CUHK is a great school in the Asia-Pacific. It offers a curriculum that I was interested in and an interesting involvement with social responsibility. The school gave me a scholarship and accepted the US financial aid which I needed to fund my education.

Why did you decide against pursuing an MBA program in the US?

I wanted to live abroad. I felt the impact of a fully global experience via study, internships, network and travel would serve me better for my career and personal growth. I would absolutely recommend this approach to anyone interested in an MBA. Living abroad and earning a degree abroad changes your perspective.

How have you profited from the CUHK MBA?

The MBA definitely helped my application for my post-MBA job at Gap, as well as my performance while actually on the job. The leadership, critical thinking and strategic perspective skills I learned continue to impact my personal and professional life. I've been able to take on roles where I lead teams and build strategies that impact the company and ultimately our customers.

Now, I’m a manager on a global team for a company that has a vision to change the world. The MBA created a great platform for continued growth.

Would you be where you are today without it?

No! In so many aspects of my life, no! I wouldn't have had the same career path. I likely wouldn't have lived in the same cities since then. I wouldn't have travelled to over 40 counties - or have made so many friends from around the world. I wouldn't have met my now husband while on my MBA exchange.

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