3 Idiots - A Story about Engineers shot in Business School

Did you know that the hugely successful movie 3 Idiots was actually shot at IIM-Bangalore

India is perhaps the only country in the world where parents decide the career of their children a few moments after birth. This has famously been captured in the classic Bollywood movie 3-Idiots where the character of Farhan Qureshi played by R.Madhavan says "I was born at 5:15 am and at 5:16 am my father said: My son will be an engineer ". The film which stars Aamir Khan......

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Clark Kent

Tuesday 25th January 2011, 18.20 (UTC)

That's a cool article and a great video about the making of the movie.

Education services Eduall

Tuesday 14th October 2014, 12.43 (UTC)

I love that story... and it tell how to take our studies very easy...

Aryan Anshu

Sunday 4th March 2018, 16.44 (UTC)

I love it. I have no words to explain .

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